Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Worth The Climb - A Path To Success By Audrey Snyder

Having just found out that a project I've been participating in, the Strong and Influential Sisterhood project, will be scrapped, I am very thankful for having been invited to join yet another blog tour for a very special woman, who could have been a poster model for what a strong and influential woman is: Audrey Snyder. Audrey overcame all obstacles in her way to be the woman she wanted to be, and succeeded in every regard. 

Thus, I am honored to hand over the stage to Audrey to share about her book, "Worth The Climb":

What Do I Want My Readers to Know About My Book

The purpose of my book is to help that person who has been blocked from reaching the next step to their success.  My book talks about some strategies that I used when blocked from reaching the next level on my ladder of success.  It details the obstacles that blocked me, and which strategy worked best.  It talks about how I decided what excited me and why I chose to go after the success I deserved.  In order to do that, I had to develop realistic strategies.  Below are some of the strategies I discuss in my book.

Strategy:  Do An Honest Self-Assessment

When I was told I wasn’t qualified for a job, I had to make sure I knew myself.   The following strategy worked for me.  I made a list of my skills and a list of skills required for the job I wanted.  Now it was time to fill in the gaps.  Does the job I want require more education or training?  I was able to research the Internet and find job descriptions that mirrored the job I wanted.  Now was time to fill in the gaps with education or training.

Strategy:  How to Market Yourself:

Now that the gaps are filled in and you are qualified for the job, it is time to market myself for the job.  Develop a thirty second-elevator pitch, which quickly introduces yourself and your skills.  There are examples of elevator speeches on the Internet.  Know who needs to hear your pitch.  Get an organization chart of your organization so you know who you need to pitch to.  Make sure to dress for the position you want and not the one you have.  If your current job requires you to wear jeans but the job you want requires business casual then you should be wearing business casual everyday in your current job just in case the opportunity arises.

Strategy:  Challenge the Obstacle:

Don’t settle.  Why can’t you have it all?  “The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.  Set your goals and the steps required to reach your goals.  Stay disciplined and focused.  You want to think bigger and bolder.  Be a risk taker.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and present new ideas.  Just because they have always done it that way doesn’t mean there isn’t a better, more productive way to get the same or better results.  Booker T. Washington said, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”

I want my readers to know that among the most important pieces of my personal definition of success were an inner sense of calm, resilience and the continued commitment to achievement at the highest level.

I want my readers to know that they are worthy of having all their dreams come true.  Get moving.  What you move toward moves you closer toward your goal.

I want my readers to know that Geoffrey Gaberino said, “The real contest is always between what you’ve done and what you’re capable of doing.  You measure yourself against yourself and nobody else.”

About Audrey:
Audrey Jane Snyder is retired after working in the corporate environment for 40+ years in the fields of human resource management and customer service.  She has also been an independent consultant specializing in on-line web based training of interpersonal skills for first line managers.  Audrey holds a BA in Business Communications and a Masters in Training and Development.  Audrey is a member of Western Pennsylvania Initiative, Greater Pittsburgh Area Communications and National Black Public Relations Society, Inc. and PennWritersInc., The Pittsburgh East Writer’s Group.   Audrey has also served on the board of Family Resources, Inc.  Audrey has spoken as an expert at Budget Financial Seminars and recently was Keynote Speaker on Courageous Leadership- Owning your Own Success at the National Black MBA Gala.   Audrey is currently an Adjunct Professor at DeVry University.

 Audrey was born and raised in the Pittsburgh, PA area lives with her husband of 44 years.  She has two adult children and two grandchildren. This is her first book which one finalist position at the Pittsburgh Author Zone Awards.

Visit Audrey's Website at www.audreyjsnyder.com and follow her on Twitter via @AudreySnyderJ.

You can buy her book, Worth The Climb" on Amazon.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Know what I love about Audrey's story and her strategies? They are so applicable whether the obstacles we face are imposed by others or ourselves.

    1. Exactly. And it's all about oneself to take control. Definitely a book that works for about everyone!