Saturday, July 18, 2015

Week In Review - Ten Things Of Thankful (109)

Ten Things of Thankful

Oh, look, a new banner!!!! Right for our TToT #109. Doesn't it look contemplative? Thoughts growing wings and flying off.. Oh, and I've made a realization last week: I'm getting old. Stay tuned for the details on why I'm getting old..

My Ten Thankfuls for this week:

1. The high 80s feel SO great after a week of near-triple digits.

2. A fun barbecue with friends. I went there with the girls, because Richard hat blood-pressure issues due to the heat and preferred a boy's night with Calvin. I got to talk to our friend's new wife quite a bit and our first impression was confirmed that she's really a great woman and we're happy to see more of her!

3. Being stalked by an albino ladybug. If I have to have a stalker, I'd prefer it to be a ladybug. And I've never seen an albino ladybug before, let alone getting such a close look at one!

4. Another great trip to the pool with my favorite 3-some. The weather was sub-prime, and my skinny-bug had to be pulled out of the pool a couple of times to warm up, but we all had so much fun!

5. Meeting friends at the local beer cellar and having a great time chatting while the entire girl gang played.

6. Dr. Ice Cream

7. My Dad being home from the hospital and doing wonderfully. We got to visit him at the hospital on Tuesday, the day before he was released, and he looked so great, being smoke-free for over a week. His scar is healing so well already. It was great to see him and see for myself that he's doing well.

8. Lily having enough trust in us to tell us about her worries. There have been and are issues with bullying in her class,  and now she's a target as well. I always know when something's wrong with her, because she becomes so withdrawn and defiant at home. It usually takes us a while of locking heads until she talks, but she's always comes out encouraged. As much as it hurts me that she's being bullied, it's good to know that she always knows that we have her back, no matter what.

9. Dornfelder Pinot Noir from Rhine-Hesse. We make good wine in Western Germany!

10.Having Richard, who's a partner in every aspect of our lives. I always cringe when I see moms reprimanding their partners in public about their interaction with their kids. Yes, there are some (minor!!!) things the kids are allowed to do with me that they aren't allowed to do with Richard and vice versa, but I would never dare to talk to him in public or private like that woman did at the pool today. Dad's are Dad's, and not occasional babysitters if Super-Mom is busy, therefore witnessing scenes like that just make me so mad.

I hope you all had a great week!  What are you thankful for?


  1. We had an albino bat living under our carport once but the albino ladybug... white spots? Any spots? Glad your Dad is good... em...worry about em... and your favorite threesome!... Have a great week! Hope all is great this week!

    1. It was very light beige with very light pinkish-orange dots and orangish-transparent legs. Really weird looking, and persistent in it's stalking. I put it down a few times, and it always came back, crawling up my legs over my shorts, shirt, up my arm and my neck and down the other side. Really weird bug :-)

      Isn't it weird that first our parents spend years to worry about us, and then the roles reverse, even though my mom is still looking really hard for things she can worry about us :-)

      Have a good week, Ivy! I'll be thinking about you! Email me, if you need to talk!!

  2. I adore temps in the high 80's - especially if it drops to the low 80's or even just the mid 70's for the night!

    I am so sorry your Lily is being bullied at school. It's one of those problems that are so difficult to solve and speaking from experience, it really does make school an undesirable place to be. My mom used to always say one of the cruelest things we do to our children is send them to school. Unfortunately I think she had it right.

    1. I agree, Vanessa! I was also bullied for years, to the point that I was severely suicidal, battled eating disorders and depression for years. And all I hoped for for our children was that the never have to go down that path themselves. But knowing what she goes through makes it easier for me to be the parent she needs to deal with what is happening, I believe.

      I agree, 80s during the day with 70s - low 80s at night sounds perfect. Right now, we have steamy low 90s and it takes forever for the temps to drop at night.. Gross! Only a little over 2 months until Fall! :-)

      Have a wonderful week, Vanessa!

  3. Your weather sounds amazing!

    1. Humid and low 90s right now, gross for me. I prefer temps in the mid- to high-80s during the day that drop by about 5 - 10 degrees at night, but barely any temperature drops here. Can't wait for fall! Sorry, I'm not a summer person at all, especially when it's that hot for so long.. But as a desert girl, I bet you'd love it :-) Still any chances you're ever going to be stationed here in Germany??

      Have a great week, my dear friend!

  4. I would enjoy triple digit temperatures (well, at least in the 100s…)
    'Dr Ice Cream' lol excellent line!
    good news on the health of relatives front!
    …and the days are still pretty darn long!

    1. Ohh, you should have seen / heard Lily milking the situation for all it's worth. She hurt her legs on the see-saw and cried for a bit. Then she decided that she "sure would hurt a LOT less" if she got some ice cream. So it was ice cream for EVERYONE :-)

      I hope you enjoy your week, Clark!

  5. 1. Oh, I hear you! We've got that horribly hot weather right now, and the 80s would be lovely!
    2. Nice that you have a new friend and had a good time at the bbq, Hope Richard's feeling better.
    6. I have a standing appointment with Dr. Ice Cream :)
    7. Good news! I hope he can stay smoke-free and continues to improve!
    8. That poor sweetheart! I'm glad she came to you. Keep those lines of communication open! Emma and I have always had that kind of relationship, and it is so important now that she's in high school! She tells me everything that's going on, with her and with her friends.
    10. :)
    p.s. You are NOT getting old!

    1. Unfortunately, I am getting old.. But that's fine, as I'm probably finally old enough to be as boring as my sister thinks I am :-)

      Dr. Ice Cream is awesome, almost as awesome as Dr. Vino!!

      FINALLY got a good thunderstorm here, and the temps dropped. I hope we can sleep well tonight. The poor baby couldn't fall asleep until 10:30 last night :-(

      I hope you have the best week, Dyanne!

  6. I agree with you about moms reprimanding dads. (Or women complaining about their husbands.)

    1. Sometimes, I just want to walk over and step in on behalf of the Dads.. Maybe one day one woman will be bad enough that I do!

      Have a great week, Krisit!

  7. Albino lady bug? I have never seen one.
    Ice cream is so important, and definitely cures many ills. I love Pinot Noir, I need to try that kind!

    1. I haven't seen an albino lady bug before either. It was definitely a weird chap!

      It's a German Pinot Noir. We do have some really good areas for growing wine in the area!

      Have a great week!!