Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week In Review - Ten Things Of Thankful (113)

Ten Things of Thankful

I know, I'm late. Way too late to link up.. by about two days. But sleep ended up my priority, after we were able to sleep again.

My Ten Thankfuls for last week:

1. Mr. Calvin's first birthday! We had two great celebrations for him, and he had so much fun chowing down on the cake and playing with his friends and new toys!

2. The heat wave broke, and we're able to sleep again. After a couple of days of rain, the air is so fresh and clean again, and the kids are out playing for hours again!

3. A wonderful visit with distant relatives of ours. It was so wonderful seeing them again after almost three years of not seeing each other. Last time, their daughter was only 3 months old; now, our Calvin was a year old already.. How time flies.

4. A fun trip to the adventure farm nearby. The girls got to ride on ponies, the kids jumped on a giant bouncy pillow and pet many different animals, and we had a picnic. Everyone had such a great time!

5. Many good conversations over good wines.

6. Violet's well-child appointment going so well. Her doctor was so impressed by her development within the last year, and I'm both relieved and so, so proud of our Violet, who worked and fought hard to move beyond her challenges to succeed.

7. Getting to meet spontaneously with my friend, her boys, Lily and Calvin. We had fun running some errands and catching lunch while my friend tried to get hold of her husband after locking herself out of their flat  :-)

8. Finding the PERFECT marble cake recipe. Yum!

9. Many, many tomatoes from our own vine. It's a mega-vine, and we even get to share some of our crop with our friends and neighbors!

10. To be able to post this to the TToT-page on Facebook, since I'm late for the link-up. Thanks so much for Lizzi and the other amazing hosts who take care of this page!  You are all amazing!

Enjoy your week, everyone!


  1. I swear there is nothing better than lunch with a friend. Sounds like you had a good week.

    1. It was, especially compared to the previous week! I hope your week was wonderful!

  2. How awesome that you were able to spend time with distant relatives! :)

    1. We've planned a get-together in ages. They are great people, and their daughter is absolutely darling! Can't wait to see them again later this year. At least that's what we've planned :-)

  3. Happy birthday to your precious little guy!!! <3

    1. Thanks so much, Susannah! Before you know it, it'll be Caleb's turn :-)