Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week In Review - Ten Things of Thankful (120)

Ten Things of Thankful

TToT 119 is missing from my list. I am sorely aware of this fact, but have to admit that last week, I was physically unable to even get up and switch on my laptop. I was so exhausted to my very core, physically and mentally, and that even though Calvin was sleeping good compared to the months before. I never thought that one person at work could paralyze an entire team; there was one day last week I spent most of my day staring at my computer screen, unable to concentrate on a single email before me. A meeting that was meant to improve things within our team made everything just so much worse, to the point where I am actually carefully looking to move on to another position, should the chance present itself. I just don't have time nor nerves to spare for games like that.

This being said, let's dive into the best of 2 weeks of Thankfuls:

1. Getting to celebrate my Dad's birthday on his actual birthday. With his birthday being close to fiscal year end, it's a time I simply cannot get off, preparing a year-end financial statement for an international corporation. This year, his birthday happened to be on the weekend, and in we dived for a day of happy chaos with tons of kids, friends, neighbors, ...

2. It's officially fall, and it has been for over a week. I celebrated the beginning of my favorite season by making a PSL for one of my colleagues and myself at the office, yum.

3. Very simple pumpkin soup, topped with goat cheese crostinis.

4. The first pumpkin bread of the season. (there seems to be a pattern..)

5. Calvin's MUCH improved sleep pattern. For the last week or two, he's only waking up once or twice a night and falls back to sleep fairly quickly again. I actually get to spend most of the night in my own bed!!!

6. Time at the playground with all three kids at perfect weather. I soaked up the fall sun in the late afternoon, watching the girls play and Calvin marvel at the different leaves and the acorns on the ground.

7. My backpain.. Does that sound weird now?  Well, I see it that way: at least I know I have a backbone that does not cave in under the pressure right now.

8. Watching or listening to Lily reading to her Daddy. Her continuous homework assignment is to read aloud for 10 - 15 minutes every day. So she's reading a German book to her Daddy chapter by chapter, and it's the sweetest thing in the world!

9. The girls taking care of each other. Violet was offered candy twice at stores during the last two weeks, and each time she made a point to mention that she had a sister at home who'd appreciate a piece of candy as well. Love that sweet little girl!

10. Calvin telling jokes. Imagine the little guy looking at you all serious, babbling away and suddenly cracking up in giggles. Cuteness extraordinaire!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. #7 and #10 caused me to smile. #7 is totally how you tell it…. #10 I can just imagine (who knows with the very young, there maybe things that only they can see and it's a shame that they can't tell us in the adult world).
    …surely a roger, you can't do a lot about them (at least directly) but you can know to avoid getting entangled in their games… rogers thrive on conflict and emotions, clarks do not

    oh! btw FRIST?

  2. I'm very sorry about your work situation. I'm so familiar with how badly the shenanigans of one rotten co-worker (or neighbor for that matter!) can change the atmosphere at work for the worst.

  3. I'm sorry that one person is making such a negative impact. I hope that the situation improves.
    Hurray for more sleep!

  4. "One bad apple" as they say. Sorry work was made so uncomfortable. That sucks. Life is too short to play "games". Good luck finding that other position.
    Fall is my favorite season too. I love pumpkin bread! and muffins and cupcakes...:)
    #9 Very sweet. No pun intended!

  5. Yay for pumpkin!!! That is so sweet that your daughter was thinking of her sister:) You must have wanted to cry at that act of kindness.

  6. I'm guessing Fall is your favorite season. The pumpkin soup sounds delicious. Hope the work situation calms down. Is that a possibility? Enjoy the days with your family.

  7. Calvin sounds absolutely precious. The wonder of that age!

  8. I'm so glad you were able to celebrate your Dads birthday with him. :)

  9. Children of my favorite joys. Love watching them figure it out maybe because reading is such a gift to me that I want them to discover it as well.

  10. Isn't fall just wonderful? I missed it when I lived in LA. It just wasn't the same at all.
    Oh, that Calvin! Still not sleeping well? That must be so hard, especially when compounded by a lousy work environment. At least he's working on his stand-up comedy!
    Love hearing about your sweet girls, too. What a nice week, all in all!

  11. Sounds like, although work is causing you headaches, that the family life is all good, better than good more like.
    Listening to your little girl reading to her father, the siblings getting along, a joke from the fabulous mind of a young child are all blessings to definitely be thankful for. Nice list here.

  12. I love pumpkin anything! It sounds like you had an exhausting couple of weeks, but I'm glad your little one is now sleeping better. Your #10 made me smile.

  13. Making a PSL!?!??!? I need to start making my own!!!

    1. It's so easy. I have one of these old-fashioned espresso makers that you put on the stove. Mix about half a teaspoon of pumpkin spice in the espresso powder (my espresso maker makes 6 espressos). Steam up some milk, add about half of the espresso and add sugar to taste. Beyond awesome!