Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week In Review - Ten Things Of Thankful (121)

Ten Things of Thankful

No introduction today, just some quick Thankfuls for last week:

1. Nice bus drivers. One stopped again after having already left the bus stop to let me out one morning, because I was so engrossed in my book that I missed my stop, another saw me running towards the stop while passing me and waited until I had caught up. Those two definitely made my day right then!

2. A fun outing with people from my work and a client. We had perfect fall weather and took a hike through some vineyards with a little wine tasting at the end. Later, we had a nice dinner and more good conversation.

3. Violet's new speech therapist being absolutely sweet. I'm sure Violet will have tons of fun and learn a lot with her.

4. Calvin sleeping through the night twice this week!!

5. A shopping trip with a friend and delicious dinner afterwards with both of our families.

6. Calvin finally accepting his nursery school teacher. Hubby could leave him at school every day this week, and next week we're slowly starting to increase the time he spends there.

7. Fun with the entire family at the medieval market in our town today.

8. Vanilla-flavored rooibos tea.

9. Finally a good work week again. Slowly getting over the mess and being able again on focussing on the actual work.

10. Sunday naps.

Good night, everyone!


  1. # 9 and # 10 pretty much are all that one needs for a successful week! well, and #4 & #6… and #3


    oh yeah, FRIST!

  2. is a medieval market like a farmer's market?

    1. No, Ivy, it's like a small Ren Fair. It was fun to walk around..

  3. I just enjoyed a Sunday nap, too. Definitely wonderful!

  4. That market sounds like a really neat place!

  5. Sunday naps are one of life's divine pleasures. I'm glad work is going better for you.

  6. Vanilla rooibus? Really??? I had no idea.
    Sunday naps are awesome. All naps are awesome, who's kidding who here? :D
    I've missed you! I've been very much NOT on the Internet the last couple of weeks. Good to see you!

  7. The market sounds interesting. How nice for you to experience the kindness of two nice bus drivers in the same day. Baby sleeping through the night and you getting a Sunday nap makes for a happy and rested Mom.

  8. That tea sounds divine.
    Tea, naps, and Sundays are three of life's greatest pleasures.