Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week In Review - Ten Things Of Thankful (124)

Ten Things of Thankful

I spent most of this week at home, courtesy of a virus infection turned bacterial. I slept a good deal (on Tuesday), and then put back on my big girl panties and enjoyed showing up at kindergarten a few times (yay for early morning walks).

My thankfuls for this week:

1. The German healthcare system. Here, we do not have a negotiated number of sick days. When an employee is sick, s/he remains at full pay for up to six weeks, giving them time recover without having to worry about finances. Being mostly responsible to financially support our family, this regulation definitely helps me sleep better at night.

2. Calvin's teachers. Even though I'd love, love, LOVE to have the wonderful Miss Dy as Calvin's teacher, the teachers he does have are so wonderful with him. It took him a while to take to them, but now it warms my heart to see him running to them and hugging them in the morning when I drop him off. They are truly kind, warm-hearted ladies and I absolutely love them for it.

3. Lily's teacher. I'm not really a fan of her, differing with her in some important issues. But I appreciate her for her concern for Lily and the entire class, and for her love for the kids. Lily again had a situation with some of the girls in her class, and she didn't want to go to school the next day. I asked the teacher for an emergency appointment to talk, and when she read my note she asked Lily if she had something on her heart. Lily explained the situation and the teacher took care of it right away.

4. Violet's teachers. Because they are just awesome and I truly hope that Calvin will be assigned to her class once he's moving up to kindergarten.

5. The first apple pie of the season, courtesy of a R&S cooperation.

6. Getting to celebrate hubby's birthday; it was a little stressful with Violet's appointments happening as usual, but we shared some good quality time together as a family.

7. A fun Halloween night out trick-or-treating with a bunch of people. Two hours later, some nearly frozen vampires and I returned home..

8. Retiring the mattress on the floor in Calvin's room. For the last 9 months or so I've slept at least parts of the night in his room. With his much improved sleeping schedule I've decided to move the nursing chair back down and retire the mattress, so Calvin will finally be able to PLAY in his room  :-)

9. English tea with-milk-no-sugar.

10. Fall-cleaning the house. It greatly annoyed Lily and made little Violet very, very happy!

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. When my boys were in the primary grades we had a few wonderful teachers, a lot of indifferent teachers, and one who I still refer to as the witch. That one use to think taking away my oldest child's snack was an appropriate punishment and therefor guarantee bad behaviour for the remainder of the day.

  2. Ohmygosh! I wish I could be Calvin's teacher, too! I'm glad you and he are both happy where he is. And how wonderful that Lily's teacher was able to draw her out and get her to tell what happened AND SHE FIXED IT.
    Apple pie - yum!
    Is trick or treating in Germany the same as in the US?

  3. Hope you and your trick-or-treaters were able to thaw out. Tea always helps with that. We used to go to the Santa Claus Parade with my oma and then come back to her house and all have tea. That would warm us up quickly.

  4. That's it, we're moving to Germany!! What an awesome system!!

    1. I know!!! This was mostly what drove us back to my home country! It's by far the strongest economy within the EU, with excellent benefits for its citizens. It works!!

  5. I'm so glad you had a good Halloween! :)

  6. Our principal is the absolute best at hiring teachers, so it's a rare year that we get one I don't like. Sounds like your kids have some good ones. Good for you, finding the positives about the one you don't particularly care for.
    Yay for better sleeping! Our house could use a good fall cleaning. I can't keep up with just the daily stuff let alone the deep cleaning. Next open weekend day, the family is getting to work!

  7. apple pie is a positive aspect of Autumn (not enough to compensate for the cold, but at least it's good, especially heated a bit with ice cream).
    hope you feel better as soon as possible!

  8. Hope you continue to get better. That sounds like a great system of health care in the work place. That is much better that people returning to work too soon, and then passing the "bug" along to others. I'm glad Calvin is sleeping better now.