Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week In Review - Ten Things Of Thankful (125)

Ten Things of Thankful

Calvin thought it was a good idea to pull Violet's friend's drink off the table while I was in the kitchen. Not only was he soaked (and didn't like it at all); no, he managed to splash the red juice all over the wall up to the ceiling. How he managed it? I don't know. I just know that a paint job is in our near future now. Thanks, Mr. Calvin!

My 10 Thankfuls for this week:

1. Having spare paint left for all the rooms. I had to fill some damage on the walls in Lily's room and the staircase this week, and now that Calvin decorated the wall in the dining room, we're definitely bringing out the paint and touch up Violet's wall as well for good measure.

2. Spending a fun day in town with Lily. We met a friend, had lunch together, strolled through the book store, ran some errands, and had an orthodontist appointment. Great time with my big girl!

3. Our new neighborhood. Now that most houses are built and the people moved in, there are tons of children around; the girls are never bored because someone is always happy to come out and play.

4. Beautiful fall weather. It actually almost smells like spring around here, and the girls sometimes spend all afternoon outside playing.

5. Coffee with a friend while the kids are in kindergarten and nursery school.

6. Calvin having his first playdate this week. We've met the other little boy and his mom a while ago after they moved in one of the new houses down the road, and finally we managed to set up a playdate for the boys. We all had so much fun, and it seems we found new friends there!

7. A visit from our friend, who moved to England a few months ago. Obviously, he needed to fly to maintain his frequent flyer status and decided to fly out to Germany. Oh, and thanks to him, here may or may not be a couple of glasses or orange marmalade in my pantry now  ;-)

8. Getting to take Violet and Calvin to kindergarten and nursery school every day this week and mostly pick them up as well. I enjoyed the early morning walks and the time spent with the two kids during the 20 minute walk up to the school.

9. Having a relaxing breakfast with Lily almost every morning this week. I rarely get uninterrupted one-on-one time with Lily, so I definitely enjoyed it a lot.

10. Watching Calvin sleep in my arms this morning. I watched his little shoulders move up and down with every breath, I could see the blood vessels in his eyelids and the tiny, fine hair on his skin. I already know I will miss those moments when he is older, so I savour every second I can hold him like that!

What are you thankful for this week? 


  1. Such a fun week you've had here.
    The colour red, bookstores, the fall season, and a sleeping child are all my favourite things.
    Okay, so maybe not the way you wanted to decorate, but how else would any of us truly appreciate the pure peace when they sleep, if we weren't tested past endurance when they were awake?
    Thanks for the update on the weather there in Germany and have a good week ahead.

  2. How wonderful that you have a neighborhood full of kids for the girls to play with! And a future playmate for Calvin, too!
    Sounds like you all are getting to spend lots of time enjoying the company of friends.That always makes for a good week.
    I'm convinced it is impossible to have nice things and keep them nice when one has kids. Glad you have the paint to fix the marks.

  3. …to the ceiling? not that I could suggest that this is a good thing, but (Calvin! dude! go large or go home! ) lol… not that I would encourage such behavior!

  4. What a nice neighborhood you live in! New friends for everyone!
    Ugh, red juice everywhere! Did you take a picture of him with it all over him? The only silver lining I see here is that at least it wasn't on carpet. That would be a harder fix, if it didn't wash out.
    We've had lovely fall weather lately. Warm, sunshiny days where you just need a light jacket in the morning. I hope fall isn't being kind to us because winter is going to be so nasty!
    Enjoy those baby boy cuddles!

    1. No, I didn't take a picture, I was panicking about the wall... Indeed, we didn't get carpet downstairs for a reason :-)

  5. Unexpected spatters and spatters caused by rampant foolishness are the reason I never paint my ceiling with flat ceiling paint. I use white eggshell because I can almost guarantee within a week of painting someone will either throw food or spatter a fly into oblivion and guts.

  6. There is nothing quite like fall weather, I absolutely love it!

  7. I love watching babies sleep. Its a special time...

  8. Sounds like a busy but wonderful time.

  9. You describing holding Calvin and watching him sleep is priceless! The accidents that happen with little children around certainly bring an element of excitement into the home, as well as some stress and extra work, but it is all worth it. :-)

    1. It absolutely is, Pat! Even though they do drive me insane at times, I wouldn't want to be a single day without the chaos!