Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week In Review - Ten Things Of Thankful (48)

Ten Things of Thankful

And once again, a weekend is over. And we're officially kicking off a very stressful two-week period, with a whole bunch of things to check off a list that doesn't exist yet but still needs to be put together. So, before plunging into a new week, it's time to review all the great things to be thankful for during this past week:

1. The most beautiful double rainbow I've ever seen. Especially the inner rainbow was so colorful and bright, it was amazing. And it ended right in the meadow next to our house!

2. Deciding to switch to the birth center in Bamberg. We had our first appointment with the OB/GYN there on Tuesday, and he was amazing. He was so great with the girls and took tons of time for us and reviewed the entire pregnancy to confirm that everything was alright with both of us.

3. Bassoon concertos by Vivaldi. Simply so beautiful, and I do get private concerts every once in a while  :-)

4. The paint in the house looking amazing! The painter took the freedom (upon conferring with us) to include some alternative wall design, and we're glad he did!!

5. My yogurt gums having dried up to perfection. I actually don't like them that much when I open a new pack, but after sitting a week or two, they are just awesome!

6. The fun day with Violet and my parents shopping for new room sets for the girls. We got a pretty good deal on the furniture, great inspiration for the wardrobe situation  in our room and Violet enjoyed running around the furniture store, trying out the perfect princess beds (which her horrible parents won't buy her), playing with all the fake lap tops there without anyone telling her "no". We all were exhausted at the end of the day, but had such a great time!

7. "YouTube Wish List" with the girls.
Lily's first wish:

Violet's first pick:

YAY, our girls have a good taste in music (and Daddy gets a rest from Frozen songs in non-stop repeat)

8. Seeing Violet bunny-hopping along the hallway butt-naked with her pants and undies at her ankles on her way to the bathtub. Hubby scolded her (because it's dangerous as she could fall), and me (for cracking up even though indeed she could have fallen and hurt herself), but just thinking about it now makes me giggle like crazy all over again. It was hilarious and totally absurd :-)

9. Having a moving date: May 31st it will be!!!  Now keep your fingers crossed that we find a few more volunteers who actually show up to help us move our stuff  :-)

10. Lily's second wobbly tooth finally being out. It took a little rough tooth brushing from my end, but it's out!!  Now off to Tooth Fairy duty!!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!!


  1. Number 8, my girls do so often and still makes me giggle, too. And yay for the moving date. Your girls also have great taste in music and couldn't agree more. And here is to a great week ahead now once again :)

    1. Thanks so much, Janine! I think her somewhat determined and concentrated face was so priceless with the bunny-hopping. I so would have loved to know what went through her head that moment ;-) I am very excited for the moving day, even though I'm quite anxious as well, with so many things still to organize. But everything will come together at last :-) Have a great new week yourself, Janine!

  2. Frist?
    yow! I have not (before) found music vids as the Vivaldi where you can read along! how cool is this? very fun!
    my favorite post this weekend!

    1. Second, sorry, Clark! I thought that was so cool as well. Very soothing :-) Thanks so much for the compliment, and have a great week!!

  3. Double rainbows ROCK :) awesome. And music is always good, but I think the mental image of Violet's bunny hops rather tips the balance for me :)

    1. It was so beautiful, Lizzi, beyond words. Violet's bunny-hop was definitely the highlight of the week. It still makes me giggle when I replay these seconds in my head. SO wonder what she was thinking :-) Have a great new week!!

  4. YOU HAVE A MOVING DAAAAATE!!! How exciting! I hope it is smooth sailing from here on out.

    I had a science teacher tell us every rainbow is a double rainbow, but you can't always see both of them, especially ALL of both of them.

    Little kids are so funny! When they do silly naked stuff, they are even funnier.

    1. I so hope everything will work out. Richard started cleaning up the floors today so they can install the flooring without any delays.

      Really?? I had no idea.. No matter what, rainbows are beautiful, no matter of single, double, triple, or Hawaiian :-)

      Honestly, I truly enjoy this time when they don't care about being naked. And do silly things for no reason.. I'll miss that time of them being little.. Have a great new week, Dyanne!

  5. Sounds like you made the right decision by switching birth centers. :)

    1. I am so happy with the decision, Jen. With the doctor I had before I would have headed for the hospital, and it seems that they are very section-happy there. Now I just hope that the weather won't go crazy in August, I'd hate to give birth at 100° in a room without A/C :-) Have a great week, Jen!

  6. How exciting to have a moving date! Although I do hate stressful!
    Love the Vivaldi - that's a particularly good one.
    Your #8 would crack me up, too - always does. Zilla actually did that just this morning and then proceeded to cry that I "made her" hop down the hall with her shorts around her ankles. I pointed out that all I had asked her to do was come to my room. She happened to be in mid-potty when I did (I had no idea) and rather than finish, pull up pants, and THEN come to my room, she decided (for the first time ever, I think) to listen and follow directions at precisely the second she was asked to. The whole thing just makes me laugh. :)

  7. How hilarious, Lisa!! Funny how the kids decide to listen when it's convenient for them, no matter how absurd the situation :-)

    I hate moving as well! Especially when I'm pregnant and need to let other people do all the work!! But we'll be all settled once the baby arrives, which is indeed exciting!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!