Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: The Recipes OF Life

Today's specialty: Meatloaf - Of Kidney Stones, Vicodin And Mushrooms

I am one of the lucky ladies whose husband enjoys cooking, and is also very good at it. Each night when I came home from work my hubby presented me with a nice dinner - ok, almost every night, there were also occasional pizzas from Robin Hood around the corner or a spontaneous dinner out. Richard also likes to try out new recipes; for a while he had told me he would like to make a meat loaf, but never actually did it. Until this one day; I was 8 months pregnant with Violet when I suddenly received a call from my husband at work, telling me to come home immediately. My first thought was: "Oh my goodness, something happened to Lily" I asked him what happened and he told me he had incredible pain in his groin. I raced home (why is it that whenever you are REALLY in a hurry, you are constantly stuck behind the slowest people?), packed him and Lily in the car and raced to the VA. It turned out that his UTI was most likely at least one kidney stone. We headed home with a prescription for vicodin, a referral to the radiology in Seattle, and the order to drink, drink, drink. At home, Richard popped the first pill, and soon felt better. To put the day to good use, he decided in his haze (quote: I feel so short!!) that today was the day for meatloaf, and googled for a recipe. Armed with it, he raided the kitchen for the ingredients, and found that we only had half the ground beef needed. But since he was in a good mood (who wouldn't, he was pain free and in happy vicodin land) he decided that Italian sausage had to do. He weighed, combined, mixed, and finally put the finished masterpiece in the oven. The 2 hours following were filled with happy expectations as incredible tasty smells emerged from the kitchen. And when it was done.. Well, all I can say is that my hubby is an awesome cook, even if he's high on vicodin!!

Here's the awesome recipe:

1lb ground beef
1pack (about 1lb) mild Italian sausage
3/4 cup bread crumbs
2 eggs
2 cans of mushrooms
salt, pepper, and other spices to taste

Combine ground beef, sausage, bread crumbs, eggs, mushrooms (I like them finely chopped, Richard prefers them in larger pieces right out of the can) in bowl (works best if you mix it with your fingers), add spices to taste (only use salt sparingly, since there's already salt in the sausage). Form loaf in oven-proof baking dish and bake on 350F for 2 hours.
Tastes great with pan-fried potatoes and mixed veggies or a salad. ENJOY!

PS: my dear hubby rid himself of 2 kidney stones, one shortly before Violet was born, the other one just a couple of weeks before our move...

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