Saturday, November 3, 2012

(My) Momma Is In The House

Here I am again. Usually I consider myself a person who is somewhat comfortable in the daily chaos that arises with a 40-hours plus job and two active girls around. As a matter of fact, spending time with the girls after a long day of work definitely outranks cleaning the bathroom, and once the little ones have settled down, I am quite spent. So yes, I admit that my house is not always spotless, and that is ok.  At least, until my mom announces a visit. I don't know what it is that I always think I have to prove myself. Instead of sleeping in and enjoying some play or craft time with the girls in the morning, have a leisurely lunch and then see what the day brings, it is getting up early, buying groceries for a somewhat elaborate dinner (since a "what's for dinner?  - oh well, pasta and tomato sauce" won't do it on a day like today). The rest of the morning is spent with panicky cleaning the entire home, baking cake (store bought?? NEVER!!). And just as I settle down for a somewhat relieved sigh (when I'm lucky enough to be finished before mom arrives), I remember something else that needs urgent cleaning.

I don't know what it is that gets the perfectionist spinning at the thought of my mom visiting. She is not a hag who tours the home and checks under the couch and on top of cabinets for dust bunnies. Yes, she is a neat freak if ever anyone walked this earth. Believe me, if anyone considers me OCD, they have never met my mom, but she doesn't judge me (I think). But still, the normal state of our home will not do for my mom's visit. Somehow, all the "I do what I can, but playtime is more important than cleaning" goes down the drain.

On the plus side: our place is sparkling  :-)

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