Saturday, February 19, 2011

Violet's Smile

Violet has her Daddy's smile. It hit me today when she sat on Richard's lap and both were just radiating at me. My Dad had said from the beginning that she looks a lot more like Richard's side of the family (his mom in particular) than Lily does, but I have never noticed it as much as today. She has his lips that are thinner than mine and those adorable little dimples in her cheeks, just like him. I love those moments when, out of a sudden, I am stopped in the tracks by little things like that. Those moments that make me smile and open my heart, being washed over by a wave of love and pure happiness.

I remember when Violet was born and the midwife student commented that it looks as if Violet had dark hair; Richard responded that she would be looking more like him then, since Lily had blond hair like I. Once she was cleaned up she turned out having strawberry blond hair and was even lighter than Lily was (she actually did have darker hair at birth). But despite her blond hair and blue eyes, she turned out looking like her Daddy and, as far as one can say at this point, is also very similar in character to him while Lily is always commented on as being a mini-Stephanie.

But while they might look like us or are even similar in character, they are still personalities of their own, changing, adapting, growing; and I feel honored to be there for our little girls supporting them to become the women they are supposed to be. In the meantime, I enjoy spotting every little similarity, difference, and everything in between about them.

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