Thursday, February 3, 2011


Three years ago today was Superbowl Sunday for most. For us, it marked the first day of our new life as parents. After having somewhat recovered from nearly 60 hours of labor and a birth that went nothing like I had imagined, we were finally able to hold our daughter. I cannot describe this moment. It was, as if my heart had been born into this world, and I would do everything I had to to keep her safe. Yesterday, Lily celebrated her third birthday. Since this sunny and freezing February day in Kansas we have moved three times, met a new family who will always be in our hearts no matter how far we are away, reconnected with old friends and added another little wonder to our family. When I look at Lily today I cannot imagine that she used to be this little helpless baby of from 3 years ago. She has become a strong person who has lived through all the changes in her young life with an amazing spirit. A kind heart that displays a compassion rare in someone as young as herself. A little rebel who makes us rolling on the floor laughing. She is our little sunshine who can brighten up a room at 6 am and a little tornado who can tear up a living room in mere moments. At this evening three years ago I would have never imagined the joy ahead of us; and even though my nights might be busy at times and our bed crowded, even though candle-light dinners with just Richard and I happen a few times a year at best and the entire house is always covered with toys, I wouldn't want to be a single day without my girls. Being a parent is not always a walk in the park, but every day our girls are repaying us a thousand-fold and more without even knowing it. Happy Birthday to my big girl; I love you more than words could ever express and I'm proud that you call me your Mami!

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