Friday, July 23, 2010


... *awkward silence* Ahheemm.. OK... Hi, my name is Stephanie, and I am a caffeine addict. *choir: Hello Stephanie*

Well, let me tell you my story. I was a late bloomer (when it comes to coffee consumption), and in the beginning didn't like it at all. It was my super-weapon to make it through a night of clubbing after having gotten up at 5 to work. My recipe was about 5 teaspoons of instant coffee with 2 pieces of sweetener and half a cup of milk; it was disgusting and caused 30 minutes of intense stomach cramps, but it kept me going all night long.. Then came college, and I guess I don't have to tell you much about that. I took it pretty easy and was all in control. A cup of joe in the morning, and every once in a while one with my afternoon cake (it's a German thing..), all no problem. I graduated, got married and moved, and the second round of college started, along with a full-time job. Coffee was my fuel to stay awake and alert at work after a late night of studying, and diet coke helped me through the afternoon. Then came the pregnancy, and I was as disciplined as I could be. I kicked the habit and went cold turkey.. I dragged for about 2 weeks, I could feel it. Afterward, I felt better, and promised myself it would stay that way. I maybe drank one coffee during my entire pregnancy, and stayed clean afterward as well. Until the move and the new job. Getting back in the routine of caring for a 5-months old baby and working full-time was just a little too much, and the habit came back. The sad thing was, that I didn't even like American coffee very much. I don't know what it was, but it tastes a lot different from coffee in Germany. About a year later I entered this strange stage, when I suddenly couldn't drink coffee any more. I switched to green tea to maintain some level of caffeine in my bloodstream, and to help me losing weight. Well, it didn't work, and I found out why a couple of months later, when the test turned out positive. Somehow, my little smart girl has used her own way to tell me: Mami, I don't need that right now. This time around, I wasn't the model-pregnant girl. Initially I switched immediately to caffeine-free tea (my wonderful hubby really took so good care of us!), but still snug a cup of coffee every once in a while. However, I had the caffeine-free version, which isn't completely free, but low-caffeine. And as soon as our girl made her appearance, I was completely back for the real deal.

That's where I stand right now. Most of the time I don't mind too bad, but coffee is highly acidic; for someone, who struggles to maintain a somewhat balanced diet, that's close to a catastrophe! I am also annoyed that I simply cannot function without at least 2 cups of strong coffee in the morning. I would love to take on the battle again and lead a caffeine-free life again, but what is a mom of 2 supposed to do if she lives in the wonderland, where all kinds of European coffee delights, from Irish Coffee and Wiener Melange to Italian Cappuccino and French Cafe au Lait? Not to forget our own delicious coffees, and the growing popularity of Seattle's very own Starbucks?? The temptations are just too great, and after just starting a new job, commuting for 3 hours every day, and yet another move (to our very own apartment) ahead, it's probably not the time to stop now.

I'll keep you updated.. Thank you for listening!


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    Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  2. I have been an "on and off" coffee drinker most of my life. Didn't drink it regularly at all...just iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts once in awhile...and sometimes at breakfast if we were out.

    Until we moved to Germany. When Scott bought all the 220 appliances from the previous bandmaster, a coffee maker was included. hmmmmm...

    He went to the eCenter and bought a package of Dallmyr (spelling?). The first thing he told me when I arrived (after travelling 40 hours of no sleep and a horrible plane trip with 2 children aged 4 and 15 months! by myself!) was that I absolutely had to try this coffee. Seeing as I had no other way of staying awake till sunset, I tasted it. INSTANT ADDICTION.

    nowadays, I can still get the German coffees at the commissary (if I choose to venture out to that miserable place)...or I can get a reasonable facsimile at Aldi - a German roast coffee that is as full-bodied as the real stuff.

    hmmmm...can YOU mail coffee out? I know that milfolks can't because of the whole tax thing...but I'd gladly pay you for some REAL stuff...Kronung, Dallmyr...

    You know, it's not good to be thinking of coffee at 9:00 p.m.!!!

  3. I swear I could have written this. I went cold turkey when I was preggo, I did have a small milk frappicino once later in pregnancy, but having given it up for nine months, it fueled my addiction for after I gave birth. I don't go a day without two cups of coffee. I'm sure I could give it up cold turkey again when I get pregnant again....but I am an addict as well.

  4. Linda: I'm pretty sure the MIL-people can mail out coffee, just check the "gift" option on the tax form, that's what I usually did, but I'm glad to mail you some Kroenung or Dallmayr! Btw: Richard took over as the band barista back in Ft. Riley with his German coffee from Aldi :-)

    Heather: I think coffee is true mommy-fuel. One day I will have the consumption under control and will drink coffee to enjoy it, not to keep going. Maybe when the kids are all married and out of the house!