Friday, July 16, 2010

I Do It My Way

Today was once again one of these days full of revelations about myself. I have become a person many people from 10 years ago wouldn't recognize any more, not only did I change physically, but even more dramatically my personality. Somehow, I have become a creature of opposites, which even I can't understand sometimes. Nowadays, people seem to be so obsessed with labels and definition that they forget, that it's the contradictions in themselves that make a person interesting. Why would someone care to sit down and really try to get to know a person, when one would know everything just by a label. I wonder:

1. Why does society tell me I can't work 8 hours a day AND be a full-time mom?
2. Why does it not work being all business AND domestic?
3. Why can't I be a good wife AND tell my hubby on occasion that I watch Gerard Butler movies, no matter how bad, because they fuel my brain porn (still prefer 300 over anything, guess why)?
4. Why can I not be a traditional woman AND push to break the corset of stereotypes? (actually, had not a certain pregnancy come in the way, you would be able to see me walking to work in a corset under my business suit!)
5. Why can I not be the all-planning perfectionist AND spontaneous enough to make life-changing decisions in a heartbeat just because my guts tells me?

Indeed, I live to be different, always have been, always will be. I've never fit a mold, and over time have learned not to strive to fit in one. This is one of the most important lessons I want to teach to my daughters. Just because society tells you that you have to be the one or the other, but not both does not mean that you actually can't. At times I am able to still surprise myself, even though I'm used to a lot, knowing myself for the past 26 years. Just go ahead and take the time to experience yourself at times, and see how you can surprise yourself!

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  1. I agree...I try not to let society dictate how I should be as a working mom, how I should raise my kids, etc. I don't like to have to explain my reasons behind why I do things the way I do. All I worry about is if it's good for my family, then that's what I do.

    Coming over from Bloggymoms and following you now! :)