Thursday, July 22, 2010

The End Of The Tunnel

This will probably be one of my most boring blogs, for everyone that's not me. As most of you know, we have just made the big move from the USA back to my native Germany and have been living in my grandmother's house since we arrived on June 9. Just short of one day before our 1-month anniversary of being back in Germany, I started my dream job at the company I've wanted to work for so badly since college days. I've made it, people!! At least for the next 6 months, until my contract runs out. This holiday season is either going to be one of my best with a new contract in hands, or one of the worst, we'll wait and hope for the best!!

Ok, with the move itself and the job checked off our list, apartment-hunting was next, and here is where it became a little bit challenging, since equal housing does not exist in Germany. We had found a nice place about 20 minutes from work, just to find out at the last minute, that one party in the house did not want a family with kids move in. Who the heck do you think will need a 3-bedroom apartment? A single gal? I don't think so! Anyways, on we went searching for our new home, and I came across another apartment that I had seen online but not pursued further before. I called, and the realtor told us that it was indeed still available; we went and had a look at it, and I can tell you, it is much nicer than the first one we looked at! The landlords live in the ground floor apartment and have twin daughters, so the kids wouldn't be an issue here. After some negotiation, we finally got the phone call we had been waiting for: we got our first place together in Germany!!

I can tell you, after 2 weeks of commuting 3 hours every day, it's not fun! Quality family time is close to non-existent. We have dinner as soon as I come home, then the girls take their baths, and then it's bedtime. The remaining time until I hit the hay I usually spend in front of the computer, checking my email and writing. This, however, means no time for my husband, who has been dealing with health issues for almost 2 weeks now. Having to deal with a grandmother, who behaves like a child between 3 and 12 (oh, you wouldn't believe how Lily and her can fight, like toddlers, and Lily at least has the excuse that she indeed is a toddler) is then only the cream on top of all the mess.

Since we're very private people, who appreciate their own space, this situation has not been easy; Richard is feeling isolated at times due to the language barrier and the lack of friends around; however, I simply don't have the strength right now to pull him up, since I'm exhausted myself, both physically and emotionally. All this has taken so much out of me, I don't know how I did it. I couldn't have done it without the support of my wonderful hubby and the girls. And finally, we're also seeing the end of the tunnel. I talked to the landlady today, and it seems as if we could start moving in next week! I can't wait to have actually time with the family again during the day! We'll have friends around, and Richard will be able to start his language course and meet new people there. Lily will be able to run around all over the house again without hurting herself or getting into things she's not supposed to (toddler-proofing is impossible in this house!). We will have a bedroom for ourselves again, and little Violet will move into her first own room. We're all so excited and cannot wait to move in. Then we'll finally have made it, truly arrived in Germany and starting to build our new life. IKEA, here we come!!

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