About Me

Welcome to my little chaotic space in the world wide web. I am a young mother of two little girls, married to an ex-soldier. I am balancing my life as a full-time mom with a 40+ hour job. I enjoy my work but nothing beats coming home to my two girls at night. I am very outspoken when it comes to my views of family, ethics, and politics, but are always open for discussions and learning about other point of views. I invite you to join my journey through over-time, dirty diapers, and play-dates.

Cheers,  Stephanie


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    1. stephanie_m_powell@yahoo.com. What happened to your blog?? Couldn't respond yesterday and today I get th notice that your blog has been deleted! Miss your response to my answer yesterday :-)

    2. I just now went invite only

  2. hey! saw you at the Doctrine (or at least saw a location of Stuttgart… on my visitors thing on the sidebar)
    trust all is well, have not seen you at the TToT
    doing a Six Sentence thing on Thursday that zoe has… lot of 'fun' you would enjoy it.