Our House

On The Dry
With the finish line in sight, water turns out to be a larger issue than thought. We're approaching the end of our strength, our patience, and our nerves.

Going Green?
Fast forward to 2014, we have FINALLY power, and the choice of conventional or green power.

It's A Tardis!
The house stands, and we have our first visitors. Their common consensus: It's bigger on the inside (and it's going to be painted blue)!

There's (Half) A House!
The building finally begins and progresses almost at lightening speed.

And So It Begins...
The building begins at last!

 It's Going To Happen!!
We received the building permit, the property is being prepared and we signed off the last details on the house. There's progress!

 The Struggle Continues...
We learn that the building application was seriously messed up and once again have to follow up several times for the responsible party to start correcting the issues (part of the "Blog Every Day In May"-challenge)

 Murphy On A Mission
We found out that most likely we're facing a serious delay starting to build our home due to delay in the hook-ups being installed by the town. On the up-side, we got to pick out some details for the house.

The Application And Hunting For Signatures
The appointment with the builder, receiving the building application and anticipating to meet our new "neighbors".

Approvals And Taxes
Anticipating our appointment with the person who is going to oversee the building process and dealing with unexpected taxes.

The Planning Phase
Taking the first steps towards our new home.

To Buy Or To Build
How me made our decision that building was for us.

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