25 'till 30

I have written the post about my 25 goals in this coming year, until I will enter a new decade. Follow my progress here:

 1. Build the house.
It's almost done. The house needs to dry out completely, the flooring put in, the walls / ceilings finished with paint, and the bathroom fixtures installed. Can't believe how close we are!
 2. Plant an apple tree with Lily.
 3. Decorate the house and create fun rooms for the girls.
 4. Get in a date with the hubby once a month.
We are currently having at least a movie date every month! Thank you LoveFilm!
 5. Wear nail polish for a month (without excess chipping).
 6. Find a red lipstick that fits me and actually wear it.
It's called "Hollywood Red"; it has a little too much of a pinkish hue in it for my taste, but I'm wearing it and will post a picture at some point *pinky promise*
 7. Go swimming with the family at least twice a month. (Update: make that "family outings")
 8. Try one new recipe per month.
Check out my blog  :-)
 9. Organize an all-girls Indian Curry dinner.
10. Take the girls on a movie date.
We watched "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2" in October and "Frozen" in January.
11. Run a 10k.
Erlangen Night Run in August, 11.7k; Arcadenlauf in September, 10k.
12. Wear decent underwear (those Snoopie undies aren't even early-20s-appropriate!!).
13. Sew a dress and wear it.
14. Let my hear grow out.
Still growing
15. Get in a family vacation (non-US).
One week of pure family time in the Bavarian Forest!
16. Visit Sea Life in Munich.
We went to Sea Life for Violet's 3rd birthday. A recap of our day can be found here.
17. Go to at least two big fairs this fair season.
18. Visit a theme park.
Playmobil Fun Park in December
19. Get a massage.
20. Practice with the new camera.
21. Buy new running shoes.
Bought my new Asics Nimbus-14 today and love them!
22. Practice 30 minutes of yoga every day for at least a month.
23. Learn patience from the girls.
I learned my lessons in patience, more from the house than from the girls, to be honest.
24. Get organized and keep it that way.
25. Learn 5 new things about myself.


  1. These are awesome goals! I look forward to reading more on your progress :). Good luck!

    The Wondering Brain

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica! I should really update on it :-)

  2. I love this list - a little bit of everything! Good luck!

    1. Thanks a lot, Lisa! It was a very interesting experience, helping me to learn quite some things about me!