Monday, October 6, 2014

Week In Review - Ten Things Of Thankful (68) - Late Edition

Ten Things of Thankful

Yes,  I managed to be late enough so I cannot be participate in the link-up any more. But that doesn'T keep me from being thankful anyways  :-)  I was working on a larger project last week(end) and was pretty busy, so not much of me has been seen around anywhere but Trados.

Here are last week's thankfuls:

1. Early fall morning walks. I'm taking Violet to kindergarten some mornings, and you wouldn't believe how beautiful it is. The fog lingering before the sun is burning it away, leaving tiny dew drops on the spider webs that look like silver-thread art everywhere. I so wished I'd had a camera with me, but then again I wouldn't have been able to enjoy these moments as I did.

2. A beautiful early fall after a fairly crappy late summer. Can you believe that Calvin didn't get to wear those cute outfits I got for him in the States even once? And he was born in early August, there should have been a few days appropriate for shorts and t-shirts! But since mid-September, most days have been sunny and balmy, with brisk mornings and nights, but still. I enjoy being able to go and collect chestnuts with the girls for some crafts, have fun a the playground, walk in town, and to and from school. Can't beat a fall like that!

3. Friends from so many different countries, with so many different backgrounds, and places in life. It never gets boring, and I'm truly very, very thankful for every single one of them.

4. The paperwork I'm cursing these days. Why am I thankful for that? Because it means that I can be home and enjoy spending time with the family. A few weeks ago I have sent out our application for parental benefits and now received their feed-back that there were still documents missing, even though I have sent everything I had at the time. So I'm doing some more scanning, some more emailing with our personnel department, and some more waiting for the benefits to be approved.

5. Morning naps with a very cuddly baby boy.

6. Sharing the gift of language. I've started a story hour for expat kids in our local library and read children's books in German to them. Last Saturday was the first story time, and it was such a success. Looking forward to some more reading this coming weekend!

7. Enjoying peace and quiet when we have it. As most of you may know, we're currently living on a building site. But while most of the building of the houses around us wasn't bad, the construction on the street has been a real pain. Tons and tons of dirt has been carried into our house, and the tools they are using are LOUD!!!!  We could feel the vibration through the floor most days last week, so we did enjoy the hours of peace and quiet even more.

8. Apple goodness. Yes, they are ripe, and when I saw this nice apple tree standing just OUTSIDE a fence the other day, Lily and I filled a little bucket up. So we're having home-made apple sauce (heavenly on rice pudding), apple pie, apple streusel, you name it. Everything is totally organic and best of all FREE  :-)

9. Getting to go to hubby's concert this Saturday. It was a children's concert, so naturally, the girls loved it, and Calvin was just the best baby listening to the music.

10. People who do not forget I exist just because I'm out of work / off the net / hiding in the bathroom for a while.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I love early morning walks, they are the best!

    1. They totally are! I love spending some time with Violet while walking her to kindergarten, and some time cuddling Calvin on the way back :-)

  2. Early morning walks, apples, chestnuts - I'll take anything fall! The weather here today was just glorious. We've finally ditched the humidity and have cool nights/mornings and nice days in between.
    Glad you did your list anyway, even if you missed the link!

    1. Nothing prevents me from doing the lost :-) I so love fall, if there's a land with a constant fall climate, I need to move there :-)

  3. Great list! I so want to go to a farm this fall and you reminded me of that. I think it's wonderful that you use chestnuts to do crafts with your kids and they make apple recipes with you! Too adorable. I hope the construction ends soon. Sounds tough.

    1. I hope the construction ends soon, too! It's been alright until they started to tear up the street. The dirt is just insane! I'm glad to share something so simple like collecting chestnuts with the kids. When I was a child, my sister and I used to go and collect them from that huge chestnut tree that grew at the local cemetary. Maybe we'll take all of our kids there some day!