Monday, March 4, 2013

House Update - The Application And Hunting For Signatures

Sorry for writing a second post on our house just a few days after the last one. Today, we have met with the person who is going to organize our house being built, and I have to say, I've got a very good feeling. He seems very experienced and seems to have a good team of contractors. We might just be celebrating the Yule holiday in our own house!! Since Lily just has moved with her kindergarten to a new classroom, she is constantly talking about the different people who are going to work on our home and she's planning her new room. We're glad that she's mostly looking forward to the move and her new room even though sometimes she doesn't want to move. She is friends with the girls who live downstairs and will miss them a lot. We all are sad to move, since we're getting along so well with our neighbors and really, really like our apartment, but it's not like living in our own home.

At today's appointment, we have also received six folders with all documents to apply for our building permit. I did not expect THAT much paper, but well, Germany is the country of bureaucracy. Besides signing until we both nearly had blisters, we also need to go hunting for some signatures from our future neighbors, or better, the people and company who own the lots and pieces of land bordering ours. While one of them won't be a problem since it's the person who sold us our lot, the other ones will be slightly more difficult. But we have until the 13th of this month in order to meet the deadline for entries at the town hall.

Keep you fingers crossed that the signatures won't break our neck. If everything goes smooth, we might be start in mid-May!

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