Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Reason I'm Not Writing

We have gotten a new computer a few weeks ago after Violet considered it a good idea to take a nose dive off our couch with our laptop (RIP laptop). It's a nice computer with a much, much bigger and better monitor. Richard and I are spending quite some time in the bedroom now watching movies on our new computer. But as awesome as it might sound, it just adds to the general writer's block I've been experiencing. I just cannot write on this computer!

With our laptop I could get comfortable in the corner of our comfy couch, create my little private bubble and tip away. Now I'm sitting on a fairly uncomfortable chair we have kidnapped from the kitchen, my back hurts, and I'm trying to form somewhat personal and intimate thoughts while sitting up in the open (I generally don't like people sitting in my back).

I am currently not at a lack of ideas. I am carrying my little black notebook with me wherever I go, and I am writing in it. The other night I came up with a poem in the shower (!!!), got out, toweled off, and put it down before it vanished. Not sure yet if I will share it at some point. I think I need to make peace with this computer and create a space for me and my thoughts again. I hope this will happen once we're done with our larger-scale apartment remodeling. As of now, our porch is becoming greener, the sunflowers and sweetpea plants Lily and I sowed out in the end of April are growing like weeds, and the pumpkin seeds I sowed a few weeks ago are also showing plenty of green (hoping for some home-grown Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration this year!). I will definitely keep you updated on other remodeling projects about to happen in the near future (hopefully).

Until the new guy (I decided it's a he) and I have become friends, I will tag off to the living room and scribble in my note book.

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