Friday, April 3, 2015

Funny Things Children Say And Do

It is so funny to be around children sometimes (or most of the time). This is why:

I try a new recipe, chili loaded baked potatoes.  Lily eats a little bit and then puts down her fork.
Me: Lily, do you not like it??
Lily: Mami, I KNOW you've tried hard....
Thanks, love!!

When Calvin was only a few weeks old, I pick up Violet from kindergarten, carrying Calvin in my Moby wrap.
Violet's little friend to her mom: Mommy, Violet's mom stuffed the baby back in her tummy!!!!!

Me doing chores around the house with a white clay facial mask on.
Violet (startles a little as she sees me): Mami, you look beautiful!
Me: Violet, don't lie to me!
Violet (starts grinning): Ok, just kidding, Mami, you look ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!!!!
Thanks for your honesty, Sweetie!  :-)

Telling Violet that she's going to get a little brother.
Violet: But I don't WANT to be a big brother!!!!!
After explaining to her that she'll always be a sister, she was fine about getting a brother.

Lily and I talking general stuff.
Lily: Mami, on which planet do zombies live???
Very random, but alright..

With which gems do the kids around you enrich your life??


  1. Ohh, how cute! I love the things kids say! I try to write down some of the stuff my preschoolers say to me, but we're usually too busy for me to do it very often. We have several things that our kids have said at home that we keep using. Like we go to Pizza HUNT instead of HUT, because when Kyle was little, he thought it was called "Hunt" because you have to hunt for your pizza there (we always went to the lunch buffet).

    1. That's so sweet! I sometimes look through my old FB from about 4 or 5 years ago, because I shared a lot more Lily-isms during that time. The sad thing is right now, that the kids say or do something funny, I think: Oh, I need to write that down later! - but once I have time to write things down, I have forgotten what exactly they have said. Stupid sleep deprivation!!

  2. Replies
    1. They absolutely are!! Thanks for stopping by, Jamie!

  3. Heehee. Kids say the dardest things!!!! ;-)

    1. They absolutely do! It's so, so funny, if I had managed to write everything down that has been said and/or done at our house, I think I could publish a book :-)

  4. So cute and I got told today by my oldest that she only listens to me on warm days> Definitely can't make this stuff up! ;)

    1. No, definitely can't! Those kiddos are the best comedians, and don't even know it ;-)

  5. Haha that's so funny! Our goddaughters sometimes say things that are absolutely comedy gold. A couple of years ago the eldest was writing all our names down, and asked how to spell my mum's name, Lorraine. I told her, and she sat looking thoughtful for a while and then said "I know a song called Set Fire To Lorraine". I had to explain that it was The Rain, not Lorraine because that would be really mean! My mum didn't look too amused!!

    1. That's hilarious :-) I think I'd bee rolling on the floor laughing! One of Violet's friends fro kindergarten came up to me on Friday, telling me: "My mom is building a baby as well, just like yours" *pointing at Calvin*. I have the feeling she was not yet supposed to share this kind of information :-)