Monday, April 20, 2015

Week In Review - Ten Things Of Thankful (96)

Somehow, it becomes a habit of mine being late for the link-up. I have an excuse this time, that may or may not be valid and acceptable by the Guard Virgins  (you decide): visitors from across the Big Pond (yay!!) that kept me busy and running around doing touristy stuff most of the weekend.

My other thankfuls this last week:

1. My washer and dryer being on a separate electric circuit than the rest of the downstairs area. Had a bunch of sheets in the dryer when the power went off and it took me a great while to figure out that it was caused by the power tools the landscapers had plugged in outside.

2. Somehow getting most of my to-dos done before the visitors arrived.

3. Calvin finally being well enough to get his shots. He was NOT pleased and went on to complain about the rude treatment to his Auntie.

4. Having a wonderful pediatrician with an equally wonderful staff! The ladies know Calvin by name even without looking at his file, and make sure that he's treated with extra care each time.

5. Home-made cinnamon rolls. Delicious and gone within a day..

6. Having coffee and a chat with a friend before swim class. She kindly agreed to give us a ride while hubby was still out to pick up our visitors from the airport.

7. Violet making so much progress in her development. She's been doing so much better writing her name recently, and but for the "v", she doesn't need help at all any more.

8. Having our friends arrive late, but safe and sound from the beautiful state of Washington.

9. Beautiful weather to do tons of exploring outside, and some underground.

10. All the children being so well behaved on all the outings we're doing. No-one's complaining that their feet are hurting or that they are bored. I'm so, so proud of them!


  1. Oh how I love homemade cinnamon rolls, they are so good!

    1. They are absolutely delicious. That's why they never survive long in our home :-)

  2. You've given me a craving for cinnamon rolls! Sometimes, I cheat and make them with biscuit dough instead of yeast dough. It's quicker and they are really delicious.
    Glad my Calvin is feeling better!
    Oh, writing a "V" is HARD! Diagonal lines are really tricky. She'll have it before you know it.
    Hope you're enjoying your company!

    1. We had a great time, thanks a lot Dyanne! We'll just keep working on this wicked "V", and I know she'll be able to write it without problems in no time. Who cares about cheating, cinnamon rolls are cinnamon rolls. I may just make cinnamon croissants tomorrow morning for breakfast.. Or apple pancakes... Ohhhh, the options :-)