Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week In Review - Ten Things Of Thankful (93)

Ten Things of Thankful

Today was a crappy day, weatherwise. But still, we could see the first tulips bloom. Can't wait for more sunshine again and the spring to arrive for good!

This week's thankfuls:

1. My poor, poor musical upbringing. My mom's firm control over the stereo plus my late birth ensured that I missed out on so many awesome performers and great music that I get to explore now!

2. Selling my entire box of clothes Calvin has already outgrown. Our neighbor's daughter is having a boy in May, and the grandma-to-be was just so enthralled by all the little outfits. It's absolutely bittersweet for me, but it's also good to see all those things go to a good new home and adorn a brand-new baby boy soon!

3. My new relationship with my sister. Before the big blow-up a few years ago, whenever we met we had a constant sub-conscious competition going on; after spending an afternoon together, I felt incredibly drained and tired. Now, this has all changed. I am actually looking forward to meeting with her, all competition is gone, and I truly enjoy spending time with her again.

4. Another Sunday with our proven formula 1 afternoon / 2 families / 3 courses. It's always so much fun sharing a delicious meal and wonderful conversation with our great friends!

5. Breakfast and a shopping trip with my great friend. I felt stressed with my list of things I had to accomplish, but she managed to calm me down and we did everything that was really important.

6. Violet having tons of fun at her swim class, is losing her fear in the water and actually managed to make a few strokes all by herself on Friday.

7. Some nice afternoons this week. I could pick up Lily from her afternoon ethics class, take the kids to a few trips to the playground, enjoy the sun shining on my desk at work.

8. Getting to look into Calvin's smiling face in the morning.

9. Taking a step back and making the gift of sleep to myself. On all the evenings before my office days, I managed to get to bed before 10pm and get a somewhat decent night's sleep. Nothing feels better than being rested!

10. Being for once on top of planning Violet's birthday party. The party supplies and the gifts are ordered, the guest list drawn up, the invitations about to be printed. No last-minute, panic-induced organization this time around!

What are you thankful for in the last week!!


  1. Boo to bad weather, we are in rain mode here with a few days of nice weather mixed in.

    1. Yes, plenty of rain, more hail, and strong winds here, too! So thankful that I made it to the bus and then home without getting soaked and my heels caked in mud :-)

  2. Well done Violet for persevering with the swimming lessons. That's awesome.

    I'm SO HAPPY that you and your sister are patching things up. I hope that it continues to be a beautiful new relationship for both of you, which becomes solid and vital and functioning. I would be lost without my sister.

    1. It certainly is, Lizzi, thank you so much. The weird thing is that I felt so much better after the clash, with all the pressure being off my shoulders. There was no contact for about 18 months until she called me and we met again. It was so much different right from the beginning. We spent hours just catching up instead of touching "the issues", and when we did, it was very respectful, without blaming anyone. And from then on, our relationship was about the best we've ever had, and I'm so, so happy to have her in my life again!

      We're very proud of Violet to just go for it instead of focussing on being scared. I believe it helps that about every girl in the swim class has a crush on the instructor, it's so adorable. Violet never says: I'm going to swim class. She always says: I'm going to see Anton. And she's not the only one :-)

      Have a wonderful new week, Lizzi!

  3. My sister and I are very different people. We were fine as little kids, but as we got to high school and beyond, it's been awkward. We just don't have much to talk about, no matter how much we want to talk. I'm glad to hear you and your sister have managed to put things in the past in the past and are enjoying each others' company.
    How wonderful for Violet, finally having some fun in the pool!
    All of my daughter's clothes go to my nieces. It is so fun to see them going through the clothes, squealing over their new outfits. It's even better when we visit and they are actually wearing the things we gave them. It always reminds me of my daughter at that particular age. Glad you have someone to pass Calvin's things along to.

    1. My sister and I are very different personalities as well, but we've found plenty of things we have in common, and just respect our differences, and luckily it works for us!

      Violet used to have fun in the pool last year as well, equipped in the most unsinkable fashion you can imagine (life jacket, floaties for the arms, a ring, and pool noodles, clinging to one of the adults in the pool if possible; it looked hilarious!!)

      I am currently selling or giving away all of the clothes that Violet outgrew as well. I know some people with daughters younger than Violet, and I also love seeing those little girl wear the girls' clothes. It's somehow easier giving the things to people I know rather than selling them to strangers..

      Have a great new week, Christine!

  4. #1 well! if your wanderings (musicalistically-speaking) takes you anywhere near the mid to late 60's let me know! Always happy to help ("! wait... this part....coming up!!!")

  5. Ive been lucky with my sibs. for the most part we got along better as we aged. It may have just been the distance! It is still snowing here today..... so tired of it! I will be able to wear your scarf when it arrives!

    1. I think it takes a degree of maturity to accept differences in each other as given and start to appreciate the other for them. I realized that my sister and I were so much worked up in a constant competition with each other.

      Have a great rest of the week, Ivy!!

  6. I love that you and your sister have a new relationship! That's huge and will sustain you for a long long time. Family is great to be close to. I need to do a better job with mine. The weather here too has been too cold so I'm happy to read that you see tulips. Also love Violet loving her swim class - Tucker is in one as well and it's going great. I mean, he can't swim, but he's not afraid and that's the first! Happy Monday!

    1. Violet can't swim yet, either, but that's what she's in swim class for :-)

      I don't take care of my family as much as I should as well, but that's life, too many people, too little time :-) But we do our best!

      Have a wonderful week, and enjoy swim class with Tucker!

  7. Aw, wishing Violet the most perfect birthday party now and so glad you got all the planning indeed out of the way, as I totally can relate and commiserate as we have a few months until Emma's birthday in July, but know all too well that it will sneak up on me faster than I will be ready for.