Thursday, January 1, 2015

Starting 2015

First of all, I would love to wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year 2015. May all your hopes and wishes for this year come true!

2014 has passed, and I can proudly announce that I've been quite successful with my New Year's resolution. I'm sure there were less than 10 days in 2014 where I did not shave my legs, I call this a success.

This year, my New Year's resolution will be: getting fitter and healthier, meaning eating better, and excercising more.The only reason why this holiday wasn't a huge weight-gaining disaster for me was nursing our very hungry boy!

As to start out right, hubby joined me in the very popular 30Day Plank Challenge (wish me luck!!):


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    1. I think so, too! I'm still at the "that's easy" stage, but 5.5 Minutes of planking simply scares me :-)

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    1. We'll see how far I go :-) Looking at 5.5 Minutes on day 30, I'm already looking for excuses of making this a 60-day challenge. It really sounds hard!

  3. I should do the plank challenge right along with you - I started it at some point last year, but lost it (and by lost it I mean lost motivation, of course). I'm glad I didn't gain over the holidays, but I am not so smug as to think it won't catch up to me if I don't get back on track right away now that the festivities are over.
    Happy, healthy year to you!

    1. Please, please do, Lisa!!! It'll keep us both on track I think!! You can still start! It's 30 seconds today!

      A very happy and healthy year to you and yours as well!