Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Strong And Influencial Sisterhood

I am excited to announce that during this year, I am part of a wonderful project, initiated by the wonderful Mrs. K: the Strong & Influencial Sisterhood.  The idea behind the blog and the project is that while one woman can change a lot, the potential of a group of women is nearly without a limit. The members are women from different countries, in different stages in life, with different religions, different experiences, and different views on life. Every month will be under a different motto that the ladies of the Sisterhood are meditating on, musing over, and share about.

Please follow the project at the Strong & Influencial Sisterhood blog and be part of the experience!  Look out for the post with the Strong & Influencial Sisterhood button or check out the blog's resource page for the other sisters' thoughts.