Saturday, March 21, 2015

Calvin's Seventh Month

Our baby is growing up; it's becoming more and more obvious every day. Soon, he will stop being a baby and turn into a toddler, with nothing stopping him exploring the world beyond his vantage point on Daddy's or Mami's arm.

Early morning explorations (c) Life, Unexpectedly

His current stats:
Height: He's just over 28 inches tall now. Can't believe it!
Weight: I thought he'd be close to 20lbs, but he's 18lbs and 12oz. Still, no need to go to the gym if one totes this baby all day long!
Clothes size: 9 months, with some 12-months onesies thrown in.
Number of teeth: Still just tons of drooling and chewing on everthing, but no tooth in sight.
Biggest Milestone: He's been eating more foods; when I cook at night, I cook a little separate for him and puree it, so he eats basically whatever we eat as well. He's getting up on all fours and started to even get up on his feet on his 7-months birthday. He also stands up when I hold his hands.
Favorite food: still mommy's milk, but his favorite solid food by far is banana.
Favorite toy: A rattle my friend got him. He can roll it ahead and then follow it. And the crinkly book he inherited from Lily and Violet!
Favorite book: The big board books; they are perfect to teeth on!
Favorite outfit / piece of clothing: He still doesn't really care, and probably won't for a while, so it's my choice, and I absolutely love this mustache onesie his grandparents sent him. Absolutely cute!

Likes: exploring the living room rolling around and robbing forward; playing with his sisters; singing and being silly;
Dislikes: the sun shining in his eyes when out and about in the stroller; listening to a bunch of elementary-schoolers screeching and yelling during dance class; having his accessories to mischief removed from his reach.

Calvin at 7 months old (c) Life, Unexpectedly


  1. Happy 7 months, Calvin! He is so darn cute. :)

    1. I know!!! I want to pinch his little chubby cheeks all day long, and listen to his dirty laugh, if I do :-)

  2. Hi, sweet Calvin! You are just so squeezable! Who needs teeth when you've got mom, right?