Thursday, March 5, 2015

Calvin's Fifth/Sixth Month

Yes, I know, I absolutely missed not just one but almost two months of documenting Calvin's development. What happened?? Life happened, sickness happened, anxiety happened, but blog posts did not happen. I am slowly getting back in the flow, and before our baby turns 7 months for good, here are his milestones for months 5 and 6:

Calvin's Fifth Month:

Height: Over 25in. Ever growing. Slow down, baby!!!!
Weight: Probably a good 16lbs. He's not a slight baby!!
Clothes size: 6-months, with a few 9-months clothes thrown in
Number of teeth: None yet, but he's been teething big time!
Biggest Milestone: This month was a big one! Celebrating his first Yule festival, which absolutely overwhelmed him, poor lad! He's also been doing complete roll-overs and has stayed up late to celebrate the new year. Even though he usually hates loud noises, he was so mesmerized by the lights of the fireworks that he didn't mind the noise at all. And he has eaten his first solids, a little bit of rice cereal in mommy's milk, and he loves it!

Favorite food: mommy's milk, sometimes with a little bit of rice!
Favorite toy: A croaking frog-toy, a little ducky that always gets up again and makes a ringing noise when kicked by little baby feet, and the stacking toys he got as a gift for Yule.
Favorite book: Whatever book he can get his hands on. This little guy loves to tear up paper  :-)
Favorite outfit / piece of clothing: He doesn't have a say, of course, so I say the cute bear hat he got from my parents' neigbors. It's beyond adorable!!

Likes: jumping, wriggling, cuddling, smiling, being loved by everyone, wrapping paper.
Dislikes: loud noises, stress, hustle-bustle around.

Calvin at 5 months old.

Calvin's Sixth Month:

Height: Not sure, but he's growing like a weed!
Weight: He is a big, strong boy, and toting him around all day, I'd say he's approaching 17lbs. But not sure, as we don't measure or weigh him at home and his next well-baby appointment isn't until early March.
Clothes size: He's solid into 9-months clothes, with a few 6-months still fitting;
Number of teeth: Still none in sight, but he's suffering greatly as those suckers are coming in!
Biggest Milestone: Getting to attend his first concert with Mami, eating veggies for the first time, and loving them!

Favorite food: mommy's milk, white carrot
Favorite toy: The play gym is gone, because Calvin kept kicking down the arches as soon as I have put them up. But he loves his new play blanket, his ducky, and of course his plush Animal-doll.
Favorite book: The Cinderella Glitter Book that Violet keeps "reading" to him. It's adorable!
Favorite outfit / piece of clothing: I love him wearing his new clothes he got for Yule, especially the little outfit with the checkered fleece body warmer, so adorable!!

Likes: Daddy's solos, exploring his surroundings, making new friends.
Dislikes: brass instruments, having his hair pulled by other babies.

Calvin at 6 months old,

Can't believe that half of his baby-year is over now, but I'm also excited to see the boy he's going to be!


  1. He is so adorable and it getting big so fast!

    1. I know!!! I wished he'd stayed a little smaller for a little longer, but obviously, Calvin's plan is to get strong and grow up as soon as possible. He's almost crawling!!!