Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moving Sucks!!

Here, I said it! I don't want to move! Ok, I do, but I don't.. I know, it doesn't make sense, but that's exactly how it is. Period.

Has anyone ever tried to pack 4 years of married life, more of 2 with children, and at least 20 years of bachelor life in about 16 boxes, 3 suitcases, and a bunch of carry-ons?? Yes, the oldest things I've found were a card I received for my 6th birthday and a box with my baby teeth. On Richard's side there are a bunch of games and books he inherited from his cousin Tim. Along that road, we've said painful good-byes to a lot of things very close to our hearts (yes, said birthday card had to go, along with most of Richard's beloved library). I passed on the little outfit Violet wore when we brought her home to a girl from my office, who's expecting a little girl in September, which was painful as well, but necessary. Tomorrow, we will have a moving sale to try to get rid of a few more things to empty out our apartment. In a little less the two weeks, we'll pack all of our furniture in a moving truck and will take it to their new owners, mostly friends we know will cherish them. And I can tell you, it's painful!

I don't even want to think about saying good-bye to all of our friends (some of whom have become our family here). This will be harder than anything I've ever done, and something I truly don't want to do. I want to pack them all and bring them to Germany with us; unfortunately, that doesn't work... At times I think about the moment we will have to say our farewells, and can't really fathom how it will be; there's a good chance I'll be hysteric, but probably not. We've accomplished a lot towards our move, but still procrastinating about the rest. We're currently trying to sell our cars and have been wanting to go to the car rental store to select a car for our trip up to Vancouver.This was actually on our to-do list for last week, but as I've mentioned, we're procrastinating. Richard's goal is to have everything but the furniture and other necessities out of the house by Friday.

So here we are, deciding on which earthly belongings are important enough to keep and which to get rid of. Things we owned while still single, and all those little treasures we've bought together after we got married. During our two moves since we've gotten married this was never an issue, since the Army paid for having everything neatly packed and shipped to our destination. But since we've ditched the Army (don't regret that for a minute), it will all be up to us now. The shed is empty, the first raid through the closet complete (there will be a second), Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and the local library are happy, and we're by quite some pounds lighter. Above mentioned 16 boxes are mostly packed, the last 4 waiting to be shipped shortly before we leave. Our new start in Germany will truly be a new start, and I'm really looking forward to it, even though I'm also deeply saddened (it's the weirdest feeling, believe me!). I think my enthusiasm will really kick in about half-way through the flight to Frankfurt, after somewhat getting over the depression of leaving our friends behind. To make it easier, we're already making plans of visiting each other, and we will follow through! I'm already looking forward to coming back with the girls over and over again as they grow. We're truly up to an adventure, which will hopefully the last of its kind for our family!

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