Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bucket List

First of all: I feel a lot better (and more confident) than yesterday, writing it off my chest really helps, and Richard wasn't woken up after midnight by a hysterical me. Browsing around the internet today I saw a sidebar ad for the Seattle Bucket List (all the things you absolutely HAVE to do in Seattle before you die). This inspired me to think about my personal bucket list. I think a bucket list is a good idea, no matter how old you are, because it gives you inspiration and goals to achieve. So here are the first few things on my personal bucket list (with more to come at some point):

1. Have a honeymoon in Rome with Richard
When we planned our wedding back in 2005/2006, we thought about where to spend the first few days after our wedding just to enjoy each other and relax. We decided that Rome would be our destination, and we picked the weekend right after our wedding, which was just before all the crowds would stream into Rome for the Easter celebration and the hot phase before my finals and the state exam. As our luck had it, a nice lady at Richard's work decided after asking us when our wedding was, that Vielseck would be a much nicer place to honeymoon, and sent Richard there for a 2-week course just 2 days after our wedding. Unfortunately, there was no time for us to go before we headed to Ft. Riley, KS, and since then there was no opportunity either. But Rome is not forgotten, and we definitely plan on having our honeymoon some day.

2. Go to a casino and actually lose money!
I have that issue with losing, especially when it means losing money. Maybe it is due to the way I was raised. As Richard put sit: my mom would go to 10 different stores to be sure she'll get the best possible deal, and then return to store #1 and buy whatever she's been looking for there :-) But seriously: I have been to casinos, and I have played Black Jack with my friends' money, who was at that point on a winning streak, won, and lost the money I won again, but that was about it. I gambled for maybe 15 minutes, gave my friend his money back, and ended up EUR5 on the plus side. What I want to do some day is going out and be prepared to blow at least EUR100. Maybe that's what Richard will get me for my 30th birthday.

3. Go on a cruise
This should probably say "go on at least 3 cruises", because there is no way I could ever make my mind up on what kind of cruise to go. There are Mediterranean cruises, Scandinavian cruises, Alaska cruises, who the heck can make their mind up? I can't; probably Richard or Cat will make the decision for me!

4. See the pyramids of Giza
I ALMOST made it to Egypt when I was 14. My parents looked through travel brochures, and had even scheduled attending an info event. Then there was the massacre at the temple of Luxor, and all my hopes were gone. Another glimmer of hope appeared when my Dad mentioned at some point he would take me as a graduation gift, but that didn't happen either. So probably it will be Richard, me, and the girls one day, floating down the Nile on a little cruise ship...

5. Take Richard to Istanbul
The year I met Richard my best friend Sonja and I took a 4-day trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Istanbul. It was amazing, and I still can't shut my mouth talking about it. That's why I have to go back some day, and show this amazing place to Richard (also: I need to re-take all the pictures that were lost when some idiot stole my camera after we returned to Germany; I know who took it, but no way to prove it).

Well, is anyone seeing a pattern? Somehow most of the points on my bucket list include travel. Indeed, I love to travel and see new places. I was lucky enough to have parents who saved all year to take us on a 2-week vacation most years, many of them abroad (I have to admit that I have seen more of Europe than of Germany itself). I want our daughters to experience the same, and I want to show Richard some of the places I fell in love with before we met; I am sure he'll love them, too! Right now, I plan on taking our family on a short stay to the little hotel in the middle of nowhere in the Bavarian Forest once we're settled in Germany. We have spent some time there a few years in a row, and while it was boring back then, I cannot imagine anything better to simply kick back and relax after all the stress we're going through right now. Lily can run around as much as she wants to, splash in the pool, and pet the goats or horses without us trying to keep her out of trouble and away from busy streets. I'll let you know how our year in Germany goes, and whether we make it to this little hotel this year. Keep your fingers crossed for us, I think we deserve this little break..

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