Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lily's Take on Science

Only a week away from her 5th birthday, our little girl once again amazed me today. Thinking back when I was small, I never can think of me being so inquisitive about things like reading, math, or science as Lily is, which I love so much about her!

After dinner, Lily walked up to me asking what Earth's neighbors were, since Earth was a planet. We talked about the neighboring planets, about the habitable zone, and all the other planets in the solar system. We looked up a couple of videos on planetary size comparison and the universe in general on Youtube (Lily confided that she wants to build a rocket to visit the nebula and other galaxies).

After shower, Lily came up and asked if the sun was a planet, too. In the short pause it took me to think of a good way to explain to her the difference between planets and stars (planning to talk about planets orbiting their stars), Lily suddenly said: Mama, I think the sun is not a planet. All the planets are cold, and the sun is the one who warms them.

I am speechless!

PS: The next question was, on which planet the zombies live. Yes, she's definitely our little girl!!!

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