Monday, January 21, 2013

When The World Goes Silent...

Folks, we finally have snow again! Indeed, I am one of these people who, even as adults, are still excited about snow. Since mid-December we've been waiting for some more white, and last week, we finally woke up to the finest layer of crackling, sparkly frost covering the ground. I tell you, I was happy as a small child walking to my bus stop and everything glittering around me like star dust! Later that day, it started to snow.Whenever I was looking outside while I was at work, I saw those fluffy, white flakes fall.

Besides the obvious joys this powdery goodness provides to children, big and little, I love the silence that arises when the white blanket covers the landscape. Everything seems to stop for a moment, traffic seems to slow, and the world goes peaceful and quiet.

I do enjoy the awakening of spring, the buzz of summer, and the crispness of autumn, but nothing compares to the silence of winter!

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