Saturday, January 26, 2013

Modern Cooking: Everyone's Favorite Cookie

I love this cookie recipe; I truly believe, that it would be everyone's favorite; it's easy, yields tons and tons of cookies, the ingredients are simple, and it's extremely versatile. I received this recipe years ago from a fellow ex-Army wife, whose husband was stationed with Richard at the Big Red One Band in Ft. Riley, Kansas. Just the other day I made a batch with the girls and yet again thought that this recipe must be shared!

Here it is:

Cream together
- 2c of unsalted butter (margarine for my vegan friends)
- 2c of white sugar
- 2c of brown sugar

- 4 eggs (or egg-substitute)
- 2t vanilla

Set aside.

Combine in a large bowl
- 4c flour
- 5c oatmeal
- 1t salt
- 2t baking soda
- 2t baking powder

Combine both wet and dry ingredients and add
- 24oz of your favorite ingredient
 *chocolate chips, nuts, raisins, chopped, dried fruit, butterscotch chips, mini-M&Ms, ...*  (you see, the options are endless!)

We use it a lot to get rid of all the chocolate Santas and bunnies after holidays  :-)

Drop by the spoonful on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper; bake at 375°F / 180°C for ca. 10 to 15 minutes.

Here are a few pictures of our last baking session:

Lily showing all the ingredients

Combining all the dry ingredients

Stirring in the favorite ingredients: crushed chocolate Santas (Violet) and raisins (Lily)

Enjoying a favorite cookie  :-)

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