Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Mommy Post - MiBaby

Thanks to my Facebook sidebar (yes, I am one of those people who occasionally actually clicks on one of the ads there), I have come across a quite awesome upstarting new website for parents to learn about products, write reviews, and discuss about everything baby-/kids-/family-related. MiBaby was founded by two young men, who wanted to create not a shopping website but a place for personal advice and exchange of experience, according to their personal statements. In my opinion, the succeeded!

What I really like about this page is that the reviews are written by people who actually own and have used the product, not professionals paid by a company. The website is easy to navigate and clearly divided between a personal section, the review site and a forum for discussion. An added goody on this page is their team of experts consisting of a pediatrician, a midwife, and an early childhood development specialist, who answer questions and provide advise. The "magazine" page offers interesting links to external articles all around pregnancy and young family, including official test reports, pregnancy calendars and information on the "baby blues" and PPD.

Unfortunately, the page is only available in German as of now, but if you speak German, go ahead and visit the page at

Update: I have learned that MiBaby is set to be released in English in early 2014, potentially including translations by me  :-)

PS: I received no financial or other compensation for this post. All information I researched on the page of received from members of the MiBaby team.

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