Friday, August 29, 2014

Easy Four

Bath time sometimes is quite a pain in our home. From stalling to undressing in slow-motion to tantrums over having to wash themselves or arguments on whether or not it's a hair wash day.

This evening, we did not only have to get two but four girls ready for bed. Friends of ours who are in the midst of a move asked us to take their girls overnight so they can catch up on their schedule and finish the move on time before hading over the keys to the old place on Sunday.

The two little girls arrived this afternoon; after some drama just before dinner time they played quite nicely until bathtime. We called the girls to brush their teeth, hunted for jammies, fresh undies and socks, ensured that rooms were picked up, set up two beds for our guests, and finally showered four little girls.

And for some reason, this bath time with four girls went smoother than it often is with only our two girls. No arguments or questionings, Violet managed to undress in record time, there was no whining or stalling and in no time, our two little guests called their parents to say good night, I read a story to all of them (no arguments there either!!) and four little girls were put to bed.

So, to the question of the day: Why is it easier to get 4 girls ready for bed than 2??

Anyways, I'm actually looking forward to pancakes for breakfast tomorrow!


  1. Stumped me on that one! I can't figure out how to get one Kidzilla bathed and in bed without drama! :D

    1. It was amazing how easy it was with the four girls. With only our two, bath time is never drama-free :-)