Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Perfect Body

Everyone has those days when you just feel yucky, no matter what. In those days it doesn't help having a nice woman on the radio telling you about the woes of women with two kids: saggy skin on the belly, maybe a few pounds away from your ideal weight, and where is my muscle tone anyways??

Having given birth to our second child 2 weeks ago, I can definitely see where she's coming from. But luckily, said nice woman gives me the perfect solution: minimally invasive body contouring!!! Together with literally no down time, perfect for us imperfect mothers, right?
This makes me wonder: what the heck this world has come to?? I admit, watching Heidi Klum strolling down the runway in lingerie the day after giving birth to baby no. x is not really what the average woman wants to see, but we need to remind ourselves that this woman is paid to work her tiny butt off to look like that, while we normal women can't even think the words gym membership in between job, family, household, groceries, and maybe 5 minutes of adult time at the end of the day. Yes, I am certainly annoyed and appalled - and admittedly sometimes affected - by these brainless and superficial commercials on the radio every morning. Yes, I am less than perfect, but guess what: I have a wonderful husband, who would even swear that I was the most attractive woman on the planet for him while 9 months pregnant. I don't need to have the perfect body for my older daughter to love me for being silly and rolling around on the living room floor or singing "Wiggle" songs with her. And of course my younger daughter doesn't care about saggy skin on my tummy as long as she can just lay on my chest, listen to my heartbeat and sleep for hours.

There are things much more important in life than the perfect body, which will age and fade away anyways sooner or later. Reminding myself of the love I share with my family always makes up for those moments of weakness, when I look at myself in the mirror and wonder whether I will ever find my abs again.
Thus, I decided to let the nice woman on the radio talk and have her plastic surgery, while I am perfectly content and enjoy my family with my perfectly imperfect body! I liked my body post baby much better than before I had kids anyways; sometimes, watching your body go through those amazing changes gives you confidence you never had before, saggy skin or not (the skin will actually go back to normal after a couple of months, trust me on that!).

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