Monday, April 8, 2013

Daddy's Girl

Today, we were all out in town to get to Richard's orthodontist appointment. We were walking while Lily was chattering, when she suddenly took her Daddy's hand, looked up to him and said: Daddy, you are my Hero!
No words necessary!

Yes, I wanted to hug and cuddled the two of them right on the spot, never mind that we were late for the appointment already.

Lily has always been a Daddy's girl. Even as a newborn, all she wanted was her daddy, whenever he was around. Once it was around 2 pm, she would start actively waiting for him., always looking at the door and being fussy until the door opened, and HE came in. She would sleep on his chest for hours and later, she would be so excited when Richard took her out for daddy-daughter dates.

Violet sleeping on her Daddy
There was a time when she was getting closer to me, especially after Violet joined the family and needed much of my attention. But more recently, she's turning into a perfect Daddy's girl again. It warms my heart each time she cuddles up to him and tells him how much she loves him.

Richard is a wonderful dad to both of our girls, and I am very thankful that they can grow up with a strong attachment to their father. Both Richard and I had fathers we barely saw during the week and who were not too eager to spend time with the kids when they were home. I had been a daddy's girl, and probably still am, despite everything, and since Lily is very much like me in personality, it's not surprising that she's a daddy's girl.

I am just so happy that I have a partner who is such a wonderful father to our girls. When we were pregnant with Lily, I asked him if he hoped for a boy or a girl; I know that many men hope for a son, but not my man. He told me that he would love to have a daughter. I was so happy that I could give him our perfect little girl, and the love in his eyes when he first held her was amazing. Those two are definitely a perfect daddy-daughter match!

Daddy and his daughter


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    1. Aren't they? Kyle will be such a wonderful dad to your children I'm sure! You will fall in love with him all over again!!