Thursday, April 4, 2013

Linkin' With The Ladies - I'm SO Glad it's Your's!!

Today, I am "Linkin' With The Ladies" being Katie at Dysfunction Junction, her great team of co-hosts, and of course the many bloggers hopping around just like me on the search for gems in the blogosphere.

Well, what else was up today? I got the car ready for our trip to Munich tomorrow to celebrate Miss Violet's birthday at Sea Life (meaning: I gave it a MUCH needed cleaning and now don't feel like a slob driving into posh Munich).

In the afternoon, we all went to a friend of Lily's for a play date. Accidentially, almost all of Lily's friends have sisters Violet's age, two of them being even born in the same month! We had a lot of fun, ate yummie chocolate cake and listened to the girls playing. We talked a lot about the house and Nicole, the mom, showed me a bunch of pictures from when they built their house back in 2006. Yes, Germans are VERY much into building! We all had a very good time, which suddenly ended when it was time to say our good-byes and head home. Lily decided that it was time for an epic tantrum. No, no normal tantrum, an epic one, including lots of screaming, kicking, throwing herself on the floor, fighting the jacket, etc. As if a tantrum had ever helped her achieve what she wanted.. Anyways, after Lily was indignantly carried away from the site by her Daddy, I got Violet ready to leave and apologized again to our hosts for Lily's behaviour. Their response?

"Oh, we've been there... And I'm SO glad it's your's this time!!"

I love people with a sense of humor. I'm heading off with my glass of wine now, planning the route for tomorrow and waiting for the yeast bread to be finished. Cheers!


  1. If I could build my own house, I would be very much into building too!! I would take pictures of every which little thing! Hahah. And I would show it off to anyone I could corner!

    1. We're building, but not doing much ourselves. We just don't have the skill and no time either, with two little kids. But it was definitely interesting looking at all the pics our friends took to document their journey (yes, an entire album on pictures on the wiring :-) )