Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thirsty Thursday - Ohhh Bootylicious!

Obviously MARvelous

Linking up once again with Mar for Thirsty Thursday.

I'm so excited to share a piece of very, very shallow news: Yesterday I bought THE SHOES!! I've been visiting them in the store for a few weeks, trying to figure out if they are going to love me back, and then I just went out and got them with my birthday money from my parents.


And because I'm an excited girl, I wore them to work today. Yes, it was torture but SO worth it (of course, I did NOT bring shoes to change throughout the day, that would have been SMART). I squeezed into my dark blue skinny jeans and paired the outfit with a simple grey sweater. And just as I was walking back in the office after getting my first cup of tea, I was greeted with: I've got to tell you that now, your butt looks so hot in those jeans! Why was that great? Because it came from a girl. Somehow, compliments about looks like that from a girl are more honest since they usually don't have ulterior motives.

Yes, it kind of made my day, to be honest  :-)

Channeling my inner Dorothy


  1. Super cute!!!!! I love the color. :)

    1. Thanks, Jen!! I was honestly stalking those for weeks until I had the stomach to go ahead and get them. Always a little (too??) careful with colors :-)