Monday, June 17, 2013

Bye Bye Work-Out!

Well, I overslept this morning, big time. As I was rushing through a short-cut morning routine, chopped my breakfast so I at least would get something nutricious in my body, I ran my foot against a chair. Cussing most child-friendly I slipped into the first shoes I came across in the hallway (black heels) and headed for the bus trying not to throw up from the pain.

Well, it went downward from there. The foot swell, I tried taking off the shoes under my desk, but it actually hurt more without the counterpressure in my shoes. I had to skip yoga class, and hobbled around the office for the rest of the days. I could not walk over to the vision store to order new lenses for my sunglasses, since summer has finally arrived full blast. I missed my bus because I could not hobble fast enough, and right now I decide that I'd rather stay put on the couch instead of walking down two flights of stairs to get myself some yummie ice cream.

To top off this Monday, our car battery died, and the car won't move a bit, yay!

On the plus side, I have an awesome neighbor, who works at a car shop and will order a new battery for us first thing tomorrow morning. And my wonderful hubby called off his orchestra practice tonight to take care of me and provides my mangled foot with ice packs. I'm a lucky girl!

I hope for a better Tuesday, and the foot'd be better like new by Saturday. We have our long-planned and once-postponed office outing hiking 6 or 7 miles to 5 different breweries and one distillery. If the foot still hurts, I will at least have the chance of some pain relieve of the grainy kind.

My training for the 10k this summer/fall, however, is on hold right now. But, I've decided on the run, the Erlangen Starnight Run in September, and I have a running mate. So: foot, HEAL!!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. ACK! That's a rough start to a day/week. Hopefully all of the bad just decided to pile up on you and now it will only get better.

    Sorry you banged your foot up so bad. I hope it heals up enough where you can enjoy the hiking and continue with training for your 10k!

    So sweet of the hubs to cancel plans to be able to tend to your injury.

    Rooting for a better Tue!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    1. Thanks, Jak, it's going better today. My pinky toe seems to be broken, might go have it x-rayed tomorrow, or just stick it out. But definitely less pain today than yesterday.

      The hubby is indeed awesome! I know how much he loves his orchestra practice, and he had not been able to go for several weeks due to having had his wisdom teeth pulled in the end of May.

  2. Gah! I hate those days, when suddenly one problem mushrooms into 100. When I still worked in the "real world," it always seemed to happen on the busiest day of the week, lol.

    1. It definitely was not the best Monday; found out that my pinky toe is actually broken, right at the joint, but since he taped it up pretty good I'm not in pain any more!