Saturday, June 1, 2013

Modern Cooking - Asparagus Casserole

I know I'm late with my new dish for May.. By about a day. I promise I actually made this in May, but never came around to share the recipe. And I forgot to take a picture before dishing it out as well, but that proves (kind of) that the crowd actually ate it:

1 lb of green asparagus, ends trimmed off and cut in bite-sized pieces
4 medium carrots, peeled and chopped
3 - 4 large potatoes, cut in bite-sized pieces
1-1/2 cup of milk
2 tbs butter
1-2 tbs flour
swiss cheese, grated (or any other cheese, I just like the flavor of swiss cheese in that meal
salt, pepper

Melt butter in a sauce pan; when it starts to foam sprinkle in the flour and stir. Pour in the milk and stir until it thickens. Season well with salt and pepper. Mix asparagus, potatoes, and carrots in a casserole dish, pour sauce over the veggies and sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 350° F until cheese is starting to brown and potatoes are done.

Enjoy by itself as a main dish or, for meat lovers, as a side for a nice steak or grilled chicken breast.

And the crowd's verdict?

Miss Violet approves!

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