Saturday, February 23, 2013

Confessions of a Casual Gamer Girl

I consider myself a casual gamer girl. Some people will claim that I am not a gamer girl at all since I am not at all into anime or online gaming. My passion is table top role playing, my favorite hands down D&D 4th Edition.

Why I enjoy it? My life is much too often very matter-of-fact. Creativity is limited in my job, and fantasy is often not appreciated when juggling numbers in the financial services department of an international corporation. In my spare time, creativity is certainly required when playing with and entertaining two little girls. However, then there's the household to take care of and we're back to routine.

Once gaming Friday comes around, things change. I put on my cloak and go out with the guys (and sometimes girls) to save the fantasy world of D&D. I can be everything from a serene elf druid to a sassy tiefling bard, or a sneaky gnome rogue and I love it!! Together with my friends and companions I go on great adventures and fight all kinds of monsters from goblins and kobolds to spiders, zombies, and skeletons. Yes, sometimes our adversaries sound and look scary, but most of the time we're getting out alive.

A couple of sessions ago we started on a D-20 Modern campaign, leaving the fantasy world behind to fight the paranormal foes of Appalachian Maryland (as Richard, our wonderful Game Master with a new-found love for killing his players, puts it: just imagine Buffy...). I am playing Lisa McNammee, a thirty-something librarian working on her Ph.D. at the local university. Our group is an interesting bunch of people being brought together by the investigation in a number of unexplained disappearances in town and the mysterious "Slender Man": Archie, the local Army recruiter (whose partner is missing), Bob, a local private investigator, who was hired by the families of a few of the missing college kids, Tristan, the local rich kid, and May Power, a somewhat shady petty criminal who was supposed to meet a contact in town that has gone missing as well. We've already lost Max during a shoot-out with a local Southern Baptist priest, but were joined by Joseph Jessiah Miller, a local redneck hunter.

I might be writing on here every once in a while about our adventures. I hope I'm not dying this time, but am secretly looking forward to be able to revive one of my all-time favorite characters, the elf Druid Lia in our next D&D campaign!!

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