Monday, February 25, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap

Today, I celebrated my 29th birthday. The weekend and today was everything I could ask for and more...

Got off work late; not the best start into my birthday weekend, but as I opened the door, Richard was pulling his over-yummie stuffed shells out of the oven. Strike!!  After putting the little beauties to bed, we had our friends over for Friday night gaming. I did not get killed; actually no-one did and everyone had a great time.

Baked raisin buns for breakfast and took the girls to Erlangen later to have Lily's glasses fixed and Violet's adjusted after having to get it fixed on Friday. Afterward, I took them for a hair cut. Violet got her cute bob again and I had mine cut off a bit to have the back at the same length as the bangs. Still not sure where I want to go from there. Suggestions are appreciated! After doing some grocery shopping, we headed home.Started to watch an afternoon movie with Richard while the girls napped or rested, which we later finished after the girls had gone to bed. We had a nice family dinner of fresh vegetable soup to warm up after the snowfall of the morning.

That was my surprise day!! Richard and I took the girls for a winter walk in the woods with their sled. Later, I baked the mandarin cheese cake for my parents' visit the next day and some raisin yeast bread. After Richard left for a game of Eberron with his friends, I took the girls to pick up some stuff from a friend's house, planning a quiet afternoon with a movie at home. 4 hours later I left after an awesome girls' afternoon. Lily and Violet got to play with another little girls and I enjoyed just hanging out with 3 wonderful women drinking champagne (not me since I there with my car), trying on clothes from the yard sale, chatting, and just goofing off. I did not expect this day to happen like this at all. I made new friends and can't wait for a repeat and getting to know them better. Leftover dinner after a totally giddy me arrives home just minutes before Richard. We got the girls to bed and had a fairly early night ourselves.

Yes, a three-day weekend! And mother nature gave me an awesome birthday present as well. Snow, snow, snow!! Loved it. Barely got the car out of the driveway to get Lily to kindergarten, but we made it. We decided not to drive to the store but to get the necessities in the nearby store and took off with Violet on the sled. After getting home and shoveling some snow, Violet and I enjoyed lots of cuddle time and I even got a lttle nap in. Later, I picked up Lily with the sled as well. My parents came over and took us out for lunch to a nearby 50s-style diner which we had wanted to try out for a while. The food was awesome, we'll definitely have to take our American friends there! The mandarin cheese cake for dessert at home had turned out well, not bad for a completely imporvised first! We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at home; Lily did a jigsaw puzzle with her Oma while Richard, Opa and I played a game with Violet. Richard took off not long after my parents left for home; since he is playing 1st bassoon at the upcoming concert he couldn't skip tonight's rehearsal. So I brought the girls to bed by myself (Lily sang "Happy Birthday") and am now enjoying some SATC and recapping the weekend. I couldn't have asked for anything more and am very thankful to my wonderful husband, daughters, friends and family to make it so special for me!!

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