Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Modern Cooking: 5-Minute Chocolate Cake

No, it's not a joke. Does it happen to you on a regular basis every once in a while that it's about 10ish pm and suddenly: the need for a chocolate cake. If you are in the States, you have at least the option of driving to the next grocery store and buying one. Here in Germany, by 8 pm at the latest everything shuts down, and you are all by yourself with your cravings. A few weeks back I found this too-good-to-be-true recipe on Pinterest and had to try it immediately, if only to proof that it can't work. And was I surprised that it not only worked but was also DELICIOUS! I played a little bit with the recipe to minimize the damage to the kitchen during the late-night quick-baking sessions and came up with the following goodie:

Combine in a small bowl or large cup:

5 slightly heaping tsp of flour
3 - 4 tsp of sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 slightly heaping tsp of cocoa
3 tsp vegetable oil
enough water to make a slighly but not too runny batter

microwave on high for 2 minutes and


Yes, that's it. Chocolate cake in 5 minutes or less. And the taste reminds me of my (also vegan) 3-hole Devil's Food Cake.

Enjoy your quick-cake just as is or with some whipped topping or vanilla ice cream. If you are totally bacon-crazy and a meat-eater, you could even try to sprinkle some cooked and crumbled bacon on top or to mix it in the batter (totally gross to me, but I've seen people actually doing it!!).


  1. I see this every so often and think that I should try it, but I never realized it was egg free. Thanks for posting, great idea for my allergy kid! I think I'll try subbing coconut oil for the vegetable oil too. Yummy! :)

    1. Glad I could help, Sara :-) There are quite some recipes for this microwave cake out there, soem of them indeed contain eggs, but this one is without. Check out the recipe for the Devil's Food Cake (link in my post), which is egg-free/vegan as well. And thanks for the tip with the coconut oil. Might just start tryingdifferent oils with that one. Walnut oil sounds good, too, thinking about it.