Friday, February 15, 2013

Recap - Valentine's Day 2013

Richard and I hate Valentine's Day with a passion; mostly, we consider it a Hallmark Holiday solely aimed at selling stuff and making money. So, we're all against the commerce part and all for the romance, we rather enjoy the day as a celebration to love as a family and as a couple.

A couple of days before, I told Richard not to worry about dinner that day and that I would take care of it (since I am coming home from work around 5:15, I'm a lucky girl to have the hubby, who mostly takes care of dinner during the week). So for this day, I had some special plans:

Dinner consisted of:

Home-made pizza in heart shape
Caprese Salad for Richard and me
Chocolate mousse with a cherry topping

When I came home, I went to prepare dinner while the girls watched and snuck some snacks from me. Richard and I ate the Caprese while the girls enjoyed their pizza. Darn, those little ones were excited!

After dinner, we played, listened to music and cuddled on the couch until it was bath time. Richard and I showered the girls and got them ready for bed. Richard read the good-night story to Violet while I read to Lily and cuddled her to sleep. Afterwards, we had a nice little date night at home with a candle-light dinner, champagne, and a movie. Luckily, LoveFilm delivered "Dark Shadows" just in time.
Two pizza heats for two wonderful girls

The girls' dinner

Our dinner

For us, it was a perfect, non-commercial V-Day!

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