Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's Monday already, first day of this week completed again and one day closer to the next weekend (which will be a 3-day!!)

In the morning, I had a nice mother-daughter breakfast with the girls. Hot chocolate for them and cappuccino for me. I had treated myself to some goodness from my second home (i.e. Seattle) and gotten a pack of Starbucks espresso, so instead of the usual espresso, I had a taste of home early Saturday morning. I got the girls ready and dressed and took off to IKEA. I had broken a wine glass a couple of weeks back which needed replacement and Lily still had her birthday coupon. We arrived shortly after the restaurant opened, and boy, there was a crowd!! But we got our breakfast and even found a table to eat it!! The girls had fun at the Smalland while I browsed the store buying some spring deco and checked out potential desks for Lily. Picked up the girls around 11:30 and headed back home. We had lunch an planned a quiet day at home when I got a phone call from a friend who asked us to babysit her two daughters for a few hours. Well, here went the quiet afternoon to relax before the D20 Modern game at night; instead, fun mayhem at the Powell house!  Around 7:30, after my friend had picked up her girls and ours were getting their baths, stories, and good-night kisses, our friends arrived for the game. Richard has a really good story going; I have to admit, I expected nightmares because I'm a wimp. Only one member of the group died (which is good, given Richard's history of TPKs).

Since Saturday was a late night for us, we allowed ourselves to sleep in after Richard made breakfast for the girls and plugged in a movie. The girls went back and forth between playing and cuddling with me, which I really enjoy. I got up late and prepared breakfast for me / second breakfast for the girls. Richard got up about an hour later and had to get ready for another game he had set up with friends, so it was an all-girls day for us. I baked some raising bread and got some work done in the afternoon. After having a snack, Lily wanted to do some crafting, so I showed her how to make little pom-poms with a fork (for a caterpillar) while Violet drew a picture. Lily later wrote me a very cute letter; the text changes a little each time she reads it to me, but it's still mega-cute!! I cooked some pasta with zucchini cream sauce for dinner. Afterward, we played until bath time. Once the girls were safely deposited in their beds, I plugged in a movie I had rented from my work's employees' library and got some laundry done.

Sunday breakfast: Violet's Nutella face

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