Friday, February 1, 2013

Lily's Birth Story - Part 3

After the midwife’s ominous prediction on Wednesday and my first full day of labor, I started wide awake in day two of my journey giving birth to our first daughter.

Friday, February 1, 2008
Stubborn girl is happy, I’m definitely going to have my February baby!!! However, right now I’m not having a good time. I am pacing the apartment, feeling the contractions on my belly. I cannot read, I cannot watch TV, Richard it getting some rest. I am alone with myself, our baby, and the contractions. Around 2 am I realize that it’s around 9 am in Germany guess I might just as well call my mom to pass some time. She’s home and has some time to talk. I’m telling her about the contractions, which are quite regular at that point. I don’t have real breaks any more, just the 5-10 minutes, if that, in between the contractions. She dismisses the contractions as mere Braxton-Hicks and tells me that I could easily go another 2 weeks like that. At this point I tell myself that I will walk into the hospital by Monday demanding a C-section should baby not have made an appearance by then or the contraction have slowed. At the same time, I am disappointed in my mother that yet again my ability to bear and deal with pain is completely dismissed since she assures me that once the “real” contractions hit, I will know and wish for these “easy Braxton-Hicks” to return. After talking to my mom for a few hours I finally feel the contraction slow down a bit around 6:30 am. My mom needs to run a quick errand but promises to call back in half an hour or so. I try to go to bed and actually manage to fall asleep until the phone wakes me again 30 minutes later. Richard tells my mom that I am currently resting, but at that point, contractions keep me from sleeping again. Stubborn girl has also woken up again and so I call into work that I would be a little late, take a shower, get dressed and head out.
My colleagues seriously cannot believe that I am actually back in the office, but I simply don’t want to be home. Richard keeps calling me throughout the morning to make sure I’m dealing. At some time I ask him for some chocolate cake that I suddenly crave, and around 1:30 my awesome husband shows up at my work with a huge piece of still-warm chocolate cake; I think I almost cried…  Seeing me hanging in there he urged me to go home to rest; I told him that I still had to finish up some stuff and that I would come home afterward. He gave me until 2:30 pm before he would come again and carry me home if he needed to. So I finished up the last files and headed home on maternity leave.
At dinner, I barely ate because the contractions were getting so painful I was afraid I would throw up if I ate. In the afternoon I had called at the hospital for the first time, but the nurses at the OB/GYN ward at Irvin Army Community Hospital (IACH) told me that I was not ready yet and to stay home. After dinner I tried to participate in a lecture but had to quit after only 20 minutes since I could not bear to sit on the chair at the computer any longer. I kept pacing the apartment, calling the hospital again but only received the same response. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom feeling a lot of downward pressure. I was really tired at that point, but knew that there was no sleep ahead of me. Around 9 pm we started really timing the contractions. From the start of one contractions until the start of the next was sometimes only 4 minutes, sometimes up to 8. I called the hospital again around 11 pm, but was still told to stay home because I was not ready yet.
I ended this day pacing the apartment, squatting, trying to breathe through the contractions and starting to pack my bag for the hospital. Yes, I am a just-in-time kinda girl! Richard kept timing, and we both were seriously getting annoyed with the medical staff at IACH.
Read tomorrow the last part of our journey to finally become a family of three...

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