Monday, April 14, 2014

Hubby's Monday Surprise

How I know that hubby must love me way more than I deserve? 

I called him this afternoon, shortly after 3 pm, right after getting off the phone with the plumber:

Me: Would you like to go to IKEA this evening?
Hubby *sighs*: No, not really...
Me: Well, this was actually a more rethorical question, because we have to go. The bathrooms are being installed tomorrow morning and they agreed to install the sink we picked along with the under-sink cabinet since they're already there. But it has to be there tomorrow morning by 9 am.
Hubby: Ok, I'll pick you up around 4:30...

And besides being booty-called to IKEA and having to stroll the entire place (because there is no direct way into the bathroom section), he still had the patience to sit down and put together the cabinet with me until almost 10 pm tonight.

Indeed, this guy must love me. Do I deserve it? I don't think so. But I take it anyways  :-)  Have a great start into this new week, everyone!


  1. Sounds like my husband and as crazy as I drive the poor guy he keep scamming back for more, lol! Seriously, sounds like your hubby is a keeper :)

    1. I've kept him for over 8 years now and planning on setting him free any time soon :-) but seriously, I sometimes wonder how badly I'm stretching my luck.. The lad even finished assembling the drawers by himself today and all was done by the time I came home.. Definitely a keeper!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Totally!! You should have seen how excited he was ;-)