Friday, April 18, 2014

Missing Something Friday (And Decisions)

Here I was, trying to find the "Finish The Sentence Friday" link-up, hoping for a prompt to take my mind off the decision on hand we have to make. Soon. But then I realized that Janine is somewhat taking the weekend off, so I'm here on my own and you all have to bear with yet another house post.

As I have already mentioned, on Wednesday evening, we've been handed over our house. Now it's up to us to organize the interior to be finished. Walls and ceilings must be finished, floors be put in. A walkway to our house as well as our parking spot must be paved.

Right now, our goal is despite two business holidays on Friday and Monday to give out the contract before we fly to the U.S. on Tuesday. We have two offers on hand:

1. Structured wallpaper on walls and ceilings, twice painted over.

2. Base coat and structured top coat on walls and ceilings with another coat of colored paint on the walls.

Option one is considerably more expensive than option two, but then again, we don't want to save money on the wrong corners here. Some people say that the structured paint is the way to go if you don't plan on changing colors every couple of years (which we don't), others say that it could look sloppy if the walls aren't 100% smooth.

The advantage of the wallpaper seems to be that it smoothes out some irregularities on the wall, but on the other hand, since the house is brand-new, tears could appear because of the house settling that is harder to repair than with structured paint. Plus it's easier to repair little ditches in the paint than in the wallpaper, which may be a selling point with the little ones.

I somehow feel as if we have our decision made, but somehow I still feel uncomfortable, especially since we'll have to say no to one contractor. And I hate disappointing people!  Another issue I may have to work on in the future!  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I have no advice when it comes to home ownership and wallpaper/painting whatever. But I am sending good DIY/handy vibes your way!

    1. Thanks so much, Kate! Indeed, we made a decision today but not the one I expected :-) We went with contractor no. one who made us a totally different offer upon seeing the house. Still a lot more expensive than the other guy, but he showed so much competence that we trust him. And an acquainted painter told me afterward that the price is totally appropriate, so I am glad we didn't jump on the cheaper offer, as he mentioned that he couldn't imagine how that guy made ends meet. So we're really glad how the day turned out..