Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sneak Peak From My Office

For those who haven't known that part of me yet, I'm a very happy working mom. I totally enjoy my routine of getting ready in the morning, even though it sometimes doesn't give me a little extra time in the morning if the girls are extra-cute on occasion.  One reason why I absolutely love my job, besides having a very versatile range of duties and a boss who appreciates my work to no end, is the sometimes chaotic lot of people I work with. It never gets boring, believe me.  Here are a few examples of just this week:

Tuesday morning, I bring blueberry-filled muffins to work as a "gender announcement" for my colleagues. One of the guys comes into the office later:
Colleague 1: Oh, thanks for breakfast!Colleague 2: It has a meaning!!
Colleague 1: What, that I should eat more??
Colleague 2: No, think about the baby...
Colleague 1: I get it, the baby will be white...
General cracking up.

Colleague 3 calls in sick on Wednesday.
Later in the morning, the phone rings.
Colleague 2 answers: No, he's out...  No, he's not in today, he's called in sick..
Colleague 2 hangs up: Oh crap, that was his wife.. I don't know if I should have said that he's out sick...
Colleague 1: Do you think they've split up? I think he hasn't worn his wedding ring in a while...
General discussion about the state of Colleague 3's marriage ensues..
All the fruit (except two apples) have mysteriously disappeared from the fruit basket between Tuesday early morning and noon (not the first time).
Colleague 4 and I found Sherlock Investigations Inc. to figure out who's stealing our snacks.
Colleague 1 offers to bring the drone he's bought a few weeks ago to maybe catch the thief in action.
We wonder what's going to happen with our fruit next week..

I hope you all have a great Friday tomorrow, whether you're at your job or home!


  1. I love this peak into your office!

    1. It's definitely a crazy bunch, and I'll miss them :-)

  2. Too funny and seriously work was never a dull moment here either, lol!! :)

    1. It's always extra-crazy here if our boss isn't in the office :-) Luckily, work's been so busy recently that the niveau was professional at least most of the time :-)

  3. Sounds like a very fun place to work! I do miss being in an office (I work from home), but thankfully our im system keeps me in quick communication with my friends back at corporate!

    1. I wish I had the chance to work from home at least occasionally, but we're a strictly in-attendance office. But with these colleagues I do enjoy it properly - most of the time :-)

  4. My work is just not as entertaining! Maybe it's my own fault as I tend to just want to stay out of the group situations!

    1. Well, we cannot stay out of group situations as it's an open office, fairly small at that (11 people). And there are some characters, I tell you :-)